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What happened in Germany?

As you may know, there was an election in Germany on 24 September. The only possible coalition was a coalition of CDU/CSU (Christian democrats), FDP (economic liberals) and Die Grünen (green politics). You might think “They sound really different, how are they supposed to form a colation?”, well they didn’t. They failed to. Because of two people.

This is Christian Lindner, head of the FDP and so arrogant all election posters featured his face. One of his slogans was “digitization first, concerns second” turns out he really didn’t care about concerns cause just before midnight yesterday he decided he didn’t want to talk with the other parties about a possible coalition anymore, even though it was looking pretty good. The FDP reentering the Bundestag after being voted out in 2013 probably went to his head.

This is Horst Seehofer, head of the CSU who are only running for elections in Bavaria. His favourite word is “Obergrenze” (maximum limit) because he’d like to have a maximum limit for refugees coming to Germany. Problem: Nobody else wants it. So he started acting like a child not getting chocolate until Die Grünen proposed a compromise that his Obergrenze would be a framework.

So, what happens now? There are three options:

  • New elections. This might lead to the AfD (right-wing populists, a lot of them outright Nazis) gaining even more votes. They already gained 12% of votes in the election.
  • Minority government. Only happened in the Landtage so far and never lasted long.
  • Große Koalition (GroKo) between CDU/CSU and SPD (social democrats). Probably won’t happen because the SPD lost a lot of votes in the election and stated they would stay in the opposition no matter what.

falsettos as bitmojis!

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  • *Jeff Davis while filming Thiam scenes*
  • Jeff: Okay, Cody, I need you to look at Dylan S. like he's the whole world to you and that you can get lost in those blue eyes.
  • Jeff: You as well, Dylan. I want you to look at him like you really know you can trust him with your life and you want to kiss him everyday until your lips bleed.
  • Jeff: But you're not gonna be canon.
  • Jeff: ...
  • Jeff: Ten points to Jeff Davis.
Clony Smut Headcanons

Request: Love your blog!!! Can you some smut headcanons for clony? Pretty please *puppy eyes*

  • Clay scratches at Tony’s tattoos. 
  • “I paid $800 to get that put on my body, don’t you dare do anything to make them fade faster”
  • Tony leaves hickeys all over Clay’s neck
  • “Dude my parents are gonna freak out if they see this!” “Stay here then.”
  • Clay gets a giant hickey on his collar bone and tells his parents it was a “bike accident. 
  • “Are you sure, honey? I’ve never seen someone get a bruise on their collar bone before.”
  • Tony puts a towel down in the back seat of the mustang before they get it on because he wants to keep a clean car. 
  • Clay is a grabber and can never keep his hands off Tony’s ass
  • “Clay I always top.” “Not with that ass you won’t.” 
  • Clay could get off just by hearing Tony speak in Spanish.
  • Clay always grabs at Tony’s hair, especially when there’s no product in it. 
  • Tony has to install a second lock on his door because his brothers have caught them not once but 5 times
  • Tony always cleans Clay up afterward
  • Clay falls asleep on Tony’s chest

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  • Tony speaks Spanish a lot when he is nervous
  • He goes on midnight drives when shit just isn’t going right
  • He always knows what to say but when he can’t he tries his best to make whoever is upset feel better
  • He’s the best cook
  • He’s always willing to give the shirt off his back if needed