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Watch: Parents Sing 'Jesus Loves Me' to Silence Lone Transgender Supporter at School Board Meeting
500 Parents, Most Wanting to Ban Transgender Students From Using the Right Restroom, Invoke Christian Hymn to Drown Out a Lone Supporter of Transgender Students' Rights

This is what Christian Harassment and Religious Tyranny looks like. 

anonymous asked:


R. Do you have any (secret) feelings of bigotry to any group of people?

ok again i feel bad sayin this, but i was raised in a christian household and my moms religion has made me miserable my entire life, not to mention how often ive felt threatened and harassed by christians as a gay person
so when someone i dont already trust as a good friend (and. not a homophobe) tells me theyre christian i get a little uncomfy
im trying to do better on that, tho, i hate to be someone who discriminates based on religion
i dont act on those feelings and and i feel terrible abt all that :(

…also half of pete stans annoy me a lil i dont like that “daddy rip my spine out” shit

So tell me how this basically isn’t a “wanted” poster from Pro-Life Action League.

Nothing like “prayer” being a passive-aggressive cover for harassment and possible physical danger.

From this article.

I’ve talked with two of these three women, and all of them are badass.

Fuck pro-life action league.

Please go away. Please go away. Please go away. Please stop talking to me. Please leave me alone
—  What a client repeatedly said to an anti as she was walking to the door of the clinic.  The anti never left her alone.  This is legal harassment, plain and simple, and would be tolerated in no other situation.  But, I guess because “Jesus”, harassing people going to the doctor is ok.

Abolish Human Abortion has started harassing United Methodist Churches, based on their pro-choice stance.  They also harass other “pro-life” churches for not being a radical and harassing as they are. 

AHA is all about the “rebuke” 

They live for this shit. 

Anyway, I love Rev. David’s answer.
Does Carrying Signs Really Save Babies?
What about the people holding up signs outside of abortion clinics? “Is this the best way to stop abortion?” you ask yourself. “Does it actually work?

In a word, “No”.  But that won’t stop you from heaping on harassment and shame, will it?  

“We need people with boots on the ground, who will stand at the door of these death mills and proclaim the truth to these women (and the men who may have brought them), as they walk the one hundred feet from their cars to the front door of the clinic. We need people standing on the sidewalk screaming “Please, don’t do this! That’s a human being in your belly! They will kill your baby! Please, come talk to us, we will help you do whatever it takes to raise that baby; we’ll even adopt him or her, but oh God, whatever you do, don’t go in that building and let them kill your baby!” 

We need weeping prophets, people who will cry as they see the mother of a freshly aborted baby walk to their car, broken and ashamed, having just committed a terrible crime against God and her child. We need someone to offer hope; to tell them that guilt doesn’t have to be the last word, and that Christ can heal them and forgive them, even after an abortion. We need someone to cry out to the doctors, nurses, and aids in the abortion clinics, proclaiming the truth that they are like the men of Ezekiel 22:12, who “take bribes to shed blood, … take interest and profit and make gain of [their] neighbors by extortion.”

Cause guilt, then offer the solution to the guilt.  *eyeroll* 

Christians make more and more atheists everyday with this shit. 




And it is all “legal”. 


“She couldn’t afford the ultrasound at planned parenthood, she DID NOT want to adopt out the baby….but her mom, being very clever and smart and god-driven, found a crisis pregnancy center.  Christian based, but they don’t advertise that, they advertise ‘Hey, we’ll do the ultrasound for free, as long as you will listen to every option that there is’ ”. 

“We want to become a louder voice than Planned Parenthood” 

A louder, LYING voice than PP you mean. 

These people are so excited to describe the manipulation used on this person to “keep” her pregnancy.  They use soft music and every ounce of their “We are good Christian people” tokens to cover up that they LIED to this person.  They MANIPULATED her to get what they wanted.  

Christians have been manipulating folks for thousands of years. At least THAT part of what they are doing is consistent. 

I would really like to donate to an abortion fund in their names.  For all the women that couldn’t afford to have an abortion and were forced and manipulated to continue with a pregnancy that they didn’t want. 

It is going to be the Christians that eventually make me an anti-theist

Beverly is one of our loudest and most harassing anti’s.  She is a black woman and SPECIFICALLY goes after black clients the hardest.  

I was on the sidewalk today on 1st and an escort and a client are walking quickly down the sidewalk, Beverly following close behind screaming at the client, who is a young black woman. 

Then the client turns and screams at her “LEAVE ME ALONE"  then starts sobbing.  

Beverly doesn’t leave her alone.  

The client is wailing at the top of her voice for Beverly to leave her alone and to go away. 


The escort and the client had to walk three blocks to shake off Beverly.  The client crying the whole time.  Pedestrians saw all of this, one of them approached me asking if they should call the police. 

I told them the police won’t come.  

However, if a police officer saw what Beverly did, I HOPE that she would be in the back of a police car for harassment.

I doubt it, but I HOPE that is what would happen, because that is what the law dictates SHOULD happen.

And yelling I WILL PRAY FOR YOU as someone is screaming at you to leave them alone ISN’T bringing any converts to your religion.  If anything, it is turning people against it.


Christians: Creating more atheists than anyone else ever could. 

“We do this out of love” 


“I’m going to harass you with a smile on my face” 

Why is it that homosexuals love baby murder so much? What is it about homosexuality and baby murder? What skin do you have in this game, it’s not like you are going to get pregnant…Why does the same demon that causes your homosexual activities cause you to murder babies?  Why do you hate innocent children?

From this video.  AHA trying to “save” an escort at a clinic in Tulsa.

AHA is a waste of time. 

So I’m having a little “online debate” with Toby Harmon, one of the founders of the weirdo beardo AHA cult

I basically asked him  “How many people have you converted to atheism based on your actions?”

In fact, how many people have completely rejected religion because of the actions of the religious?

I would guess a lot of them. 

Dude, if you want to be a hairshirt and howl in the wilderness, go do it.  Just leave me and the rest of us that want to live in a nuanced society alone.


This is terrifying. 

Look how he follows them, filming. 

This is harassment and terrorism. 

Pro-life people are terrorists. 


Calls for insurrection against the federal government in a sermon. 

Still gets to keep tax payer exempt status. 

These people want insurrection against the US government.  



Teen goes to harass a Hindu Temple. 



More from the Tulsa AHA group. 

Filming the door of a doctors office.  Filming patients.  Talking out of the side of their neck at people. 

I bet these two have never in life convinced anyone not to have an abortion.  They may have scared someone so badly that they left. 

“Divorce and Abortion are kind of the same concepts.  It is an easy way out of a decision.”

Uh, I would rather have an abortion than go through the months and years of a divorce, dude.  But again, you are speaking completely from your rectum.