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How he kisses you preference

a/n: I haven’t done a preference in a while so I decided to do this, I might start doing some individual blurbs i’m not sure yet, please send in your ideas because i’m always in need of help.  These are not specific people I just picked out a bunch of random people I tend to do my imagines on ;))

How he kisses you

Shawn: Since he is so tall he has to squat, Shawn wraps his arms around your shoulders and gives you a warm kisses, which allows you to melt into him.

Dylan: One hand he places on you hip and the other he places my the side of your face and delicately rubs his thumb on your cheek, his kisses are light, short and sweet.

Ethan: Ethan mostly kisses your cheeks, since he is not very keen on PDA, when he leans his head on your shoulder he always seeks to chance to peck your cheek.

Grayson: Grayson is extremely clingy, but his kisses are always passionate, he would grab your waist and pull you close.

Cameron: Unexpectadly. He tends to kiss you when you least expect it since he thinks your so beautiful he can’t help himself.

Nick: He is really chill when he kisses you, he’ll look at you and gently with his graceful fingers turn your face and place a kiss on your lips with his cool lips.

Cody: He loves to kiss you when you smile, whenever you’re happy he can not resist kissing you becuase he is blessed with you everyday and he needs to cherish them moments.




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Long Time No See


When you were 5 you were friends with the childish people ever. Your best the Dolan twins. You guys were inseparable. But that all changed when your parents got a divorced, you had to Salt Lake City, Utah with your mother. The other side of the state. 

It also hurt because 5 year old you liked Ethan, even though you were young and knew nothing about liking or loving someone. You didn’t even get to say goodbye, because of the court and your mother wanting to leave immediately having everything shipped to your new house. 

You cried and cried, for your dad of course, but also for Grayson and Ethan. The only friends you that didn’t use for anything.

You had a hard time making friends at your new school. Everyone hates that right? But you did make a friend named y/bf/n. She was just like the twins. Time by time you wondered what they were up to, and what they looked like.

11 years later

Your dad had apparently been following your mother and you for 3 years now, and your mom wanted to move again without tell anyone. That pissed you off because your dad never showed interest in you and didn’t call at least once. 

Y/bf/n’s mom died a few months back and moved in with you. Nobody in the family was a good parent for her, so your mom took her in. 

We are moving to Los Angeles, California. Lots of people hard to find is what your mother told you guys.Once on the plane you guys took a nap the whole ride there. 

Few Days In

Y/bf/n and you needed to go to the store for groceries and etc. Grabbing you purse and hoodie you guys start walking to Target. You guys talked about upcoming movies and boys.

Y/bf/n has been talking about two boys lately, but you didn’t want to go on anything social media like. Thinking your dad could be stalking you. 

Arriving at target y/bf/n got a basket and hopped in wanting you to push her. Taking selfies of herself and you at times when you weren’t looking. You wanted a new body pillow since you had your own bed now and no cuddle buddy. Y/bf/n squished in with all the stuff, it was time to check out. You started walking when y/bf/n shouted. 

“Y/n go to the freezer isle!” You walked slowly, so slow she got out and started to pull you. What is up with her. She finally let go and left you standing by the ice cream, you got out your phone and clicked on color switch. After playing two rounds y/bf/n screams. You look up and see her talking to two boys. Looking back at your phone continuing to play your game. 

“This is Y/n,” you hear y/bf/n talk, “get off your phone!” y/bf/n snatched your phone at of your hand. You shot your head up. And saw the two boys. Both of them widened their eyes and engulfed you into a hug. 

Pushing them off. “Who are you?” They let go with hurt in our eyes. “Y/n is me, Ethan and Grayson.” You realized who they where. You covered you mouth with your hand and hand tears forming in your eyes. 

You guys headed to your house and were catching up. Y/bf/n was having the time of here life no doubt. You arrived at your house. You all greeted your mother and ran to your room. Gray and Eth talk about how they were going on tour soon, to meet all their fans. 3 hours later You guys were all watching ‘The Vampire Diaries’. 

You had to go to the restroom because sitting all day was good but not holding your pee is. You got up and did your business. You walked downstairs to grab some food and drinks for everyone. You sat on the counter waiting for the popcorn to be down. Meanwhile you heard footsteps come downstairs. 

Next second Ethan’s body it between your legs. Your heart quicken its pace. You had been wishing this since you were little. You at his eyes than his lips. You both leaned in and kissed. It was also your first kiss so you had no idea what to do. But apparently you were doing good since he slipped his tongue into your mouth.


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Snapchat list.

I worked really hard on this list, I’ll continue to add more but for now here is a snapchat list. 7.6.15.

AlecBailey2 - Alec Bailey
AlexLeeWorld - Alex from Target
Andwizzle - Andrea Russett
AnnieWilkinson - Annie Wilk 
Based_Myles - Myles Parrish
BennyWilk -Benny Wilk 
CameronDallas - Cameron Dallas
CamFairfax - Cam Fairfax
ChamClouder - JC Caylen
ChristianDelG - Christian Delgrosso
ClaudiaSulewski - Claudia // BeyondBeautyStar
DGilinsky - David Gilinsky
DillonRupp - Dillon Rupp
DrFoosh - Jake Foosh
E.Wilk - Emily wilk 
EthanDolan8 - Ethan Dolan
GraysonBDolan - Grayson Dolan
HarrisonWebb007 - Harrison Webb
JaaackJohnson2 -Jack Johnson
JackGilinsky - Jack Gilinsky 
Jack_Maccoll - Jack Maccoll (Kenny & Wes’s friend)
Jswazz - John Swift
LifeOfNash - Nash Grier 
MylesAndKalin - Kalin White (mostly) 
MasterKeats - Keaton Stromberg
NotMattEspinosa - Matt Espinosa
KBurton_25 - Kevin Burton // Special K
MarkZendejas - Mark Zendejas // A-Team
MayoAndNutella - Josh Chomik // ComputerNerd01
MoonlightBae - Ariana Grande
MxJx - Marcus Johns
NateMaloley - Nate Maloley 
NickMHall - Nick Hall
Pierrism - Pierre Balian
RickTheSizzler // Uncalled - Justin Bieber
SammyWilk11 - Sammy Wilk
Schrager_Bomb - Justin Schrager (Omaha Friend)
Sierra-Dallas - Sierra Dallas (Cameron’s sister)
Stewly15 -Stew Maloley
SwifferMe - Kian Lawley
TwanKuyper - Twan Kuyper
WesSnappinChats - Wes Stromberg
WhosMB - Madison beer
ZachPiona - Zach Piona
Zendaya_96 - Zendaya

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If their s/o was religious, do you think the s/o could ever get their Batboy to come to church?

dick would probably come along just bc he’s being supportive but whether or not he’s a genuine believer is up to debate

jason believes he is a heathen and will not step foot into a church alongside his s/o. ‘but babe i’ll burn.’ ‘shush jason you drama king’

tim would probably tag along bc he’s being supportive but he kinda. crosses his arms and leans back through the whole sermon thing because. wow this is nothing like the synagogue.

damian doesn’t understand the functions of the church and he’s not exactly fond of any kind of preaching religious or otherwise. will go for appearances, but wrinkles his nose a bit

Brindis de Travis, versión lector:

Un brindis… por las escritoras, a los libros que rompen tu corazón y al absoluto y maldito horror de perder tu cabeza porque fuiste lo suficientemente estúpida para enamorarte del personaje que muere…

O simplemente enamorarte del personaje y que sabes que nunca saldrá del libro.