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The Batman dream cast

Bruce Wayne: Christian Bale (I know it’ll be Affleck but I can dream damnit!)
Richard Grayson: Sebastian Stan
Jason Todd: Jensen Ackles (He was awesome in Under the Red Hood so don’t even try to argue with me.)
Alfred Pennyworth: Michael Caine
Tim Drake: David Mazouz
Joker: Cameron Monaghan (I know he’s a bit young at this point but the practical effects/make-up department can do wonders.)
….. yeah idk who else these were just off the top of my head so…. there ya go.

Secret (Derek Luh)

REQUEST:  Can you do a imagine where she’s Sammy’s ex and is secretly dating Derek and Delany keep posting pics of them and Sammy (angry and jealous) try to get her back at a party but she says no and Derek shows PDA then to show that she’s his.Thanks❤

*d_luh: They are so cuuuuute!!! Please date..*

*d_luh: just friends my ass*

*d_luh: my brother and my bf together are goals… jk jk #date #relationshipgoals #derekluh #yourname*

*d_luh: I love you too. I can’t touch my bro when y/n is around, she’s so jealous *

*d_luh: I found this pic on Derek’ s phone… I’m so in love with their relationship… but sometimes they’re so WEIRD…*

6 months ago started my secret relationship with Derek.. I was so confused because my ex was never with me, he was always busy with his job and I was tired to stay alone all day and sometimes all night. One day, after arguing I say goodbye and I left, I was really sorry and angry with him and the only one who called me and asked me how I felt has been Derek. He was so cute, so sweet and he really cared about me, so 2 months later I started my relationship with him and now I’m really really happy. Nobody knows about our relationship, Delany is the only one, she’s like a sister for me.. My life is perfect now!!

Sammy’ s POV

I look at the photos again and again, I can’t believe she’s dating Derek, I consider him my brother, but he went to bed with my woman. He is a dead man! I am still in love with y/n, I never forgot her smile, her eyes, her hugs… I love everything about her!!! -Nate, I need your help… we have to organize a party. I want y/n back!!- -What about Derek?- -He’s not invited…-

y/n’ s POV

Yesterday Skate wrote me to invite me to his party… Derek wasn’t invited. I decided to go anyway, I will stay there for only two hours and then I’ll go at Derek’ s house to cuddle with him.

I’m in front of the door and I don’t know if knock or go away, but 3 seconds later the door is open and Swazzie boy is in front of me -Hey Swazz, how are you?- They’re my best friends but I’m still a little mad with them because they chose to remain with Sammy and never called me, they hurted me. -Hey, lil ma. I’m good!! What about you? Let’s go, the guys are waiting us..- I’m so nervous, I’ m not ready to see Sam. I greet and all are happy to see me, except Sammy, he’s skinnier and he looks angry.. Maybe he didn’t know of my arrival.

I’m ready to leave when a hand is put on my arm -Can we talk?- I’m not sure I want to talk to him but I accept -Yes, Sammy..-

-Okay y/n… I still love you, I know you’re dating Derek, I’m not that stupid but I don’t care, I want you back! I changed for you, and now I want to be your boyfriend..- I’m shocked -NO! NO! NO! You can’t still love me… 8 months have passed and you did nothing for have me back. Now I’m happy, Derek makes me HAPPY!!! I will never leave him, I’m in love with him. Please, let me be happy… With him.- I start crying and whispering, all I need now is Derek and as if he had read my mind, arms begin to tighten me from behind… I turn and see Derek with a worried look -Are you okay mami?- He kiss my forehead -Yes, now take me home, please.- I hugged him back and he looks at Sammy -Please, she makes me happy… Don’t take her away from me! Don’t hurt her, she still loves you but now she loves me more…-


*derek_luh: I always spoil my mami*

*derek_luh: mami is always WILD….much more in bed!!! *

*sammywilk: please stop….*

*sammywilk: Okay, we understand she’ s your @derek_luh*

*skatemaloley: @sammywilk you’re right man…. STOP PDA*


“Daddies” Jack Gilinsky’ s / (Johnson’ s) text au!

Requests are always OPEN..

Happy B-day (Skate)

I hope you enjoy @kiki-maloski!

Today is my birthday and when I woke I was looking for my boyfriend Nate, he wasn’t in the bed with me and I was/am really angry with him for this. He promised yesterday that we would spend the whole day together, but he’s not with me! I get out of bed and I’m going to have breakfast without my bf. I go to starbucks and I sit alone drinking my cappuccino. 

*Where are you?* I text him *I’m at the studio, I have a lot of work for my new album. Sorry ma, I’m busy all day* I’m angry and upset now *Okay, but are you home for dinner?* *I do not think I can…* I pay and I walk to my house, tho one that I share with Nate, oh fuck. Everything reminds me of him, I’m so angry! I call Emily and I ask her to come but she was busy too. I spend all day alone waiting for my friends and my boyfriend would remember my birthday. At half past eight a car stops in front of the house, I go out and a man gives me a gift.

*Wear this dress. I love you*

After that I was ready, I climb on the car and I am taken to a restaurant near a lake where Nate and I had our first date. He’s waiting me and he’s perfect.

-Hey babe, happy birthday! I love you- He hugs me and I start to cry -Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love you too, I thought you forgot..- He smiles -Never!- We go into the restaurant and -SURPRISE- All my friends are here. Emily, the Jacks, Sam, Andrea…. -Thank you Nay Nay..- I kiss him.

*At home*

He starts to kiss me and take off my dress, I do the same with him. I take off his jacket, his shoes, his shirt and take off his pants. I get on my knees and I look at him with a smirk on my face. I pull down his boxers and…

You’re still to young for a smut!!!  @kiki-maloski No, jk jk…. 

Dear Boys of Vine and Multi Fandom Fans

In all honesty the shade on Twitter was hilarious, but all this shit is happening side by side. The month isn’t even over and there’s been shade thrown every where.

Keep your drama off the internet. Especially Twitter. It’s to overwhelming because you got one direction drama, Magcon drama, and Ariana drama in one month. Me being a multi-fandom person I can’t fucking deal with all this drama. Like I have to go back and forth just to make sure one of my faves isn’t being an ass. Plus I’m over here trying to figure out if Theo Raekin is who he says he is because Stiles is over here saying that’s not him and like is Theo, Theo or is he an imposter. OR who THE FUCK IS A? IS CHARLES DEAD OR ALIVE. ITS TOO MUCH.

Matt didn’t have to comment on Cameron’s picture like that. Like I know you have Cameron’s number you could’ve called him.

Carter Reynolds should’ve kept his drama off the internet. After you apologized for that video you should’ve just shut your mouth. You know that no one is gonna forgive you for what you did. Tweeting those things about Maggie only made it worse.

Hayes that photo was hilarious. The savageness that night was on another level, but now you’re bringing in all this drama with Cameron. Like no one knows what is happening between you two, you’re doing to much in two days. Just fucking text him.

Cameron is doing the right thing by not tweeting any shade back, nor was he publicly commenting on all the drama. He just tweeted back to his fans. I think that’s what everyone should’ve done.

Grayson Dolan tweeted a wise tweet. Wow a 15 year old having more common sense than most of you. It didn’t have any shade whatsoever that’s what everyone should’ve done.

Or you could’ve been like Jack Dail and forget to tweet for an entire day. I don’t know how he manage to do that, but okay.

Ethan Dolan is tweeting about (I honestly don’t even remember because they were just sweet simple tweets❤️.)

But cmon boys. All of your fans are most likely multi-fandom. You guys are putting too much on them. Do you know how hard it is to try and figure out who the fuck is killing everyone on Scream the TV Series and figure out who’s side you should be on between the Magcon boys (or boys of vine)

Your fans shouldn’t be worried about all of this. They should be worrying about other things. Like is stydia gonna happen or when is Awkward gonna come on. .


People get on social media to get away from school drama, but now social media is just another endless war between two rival football teams.

Get yourself together boys before you regret all this. You’re breaking these girls and boys. No one can handle all this shit in such a short amount of time.

This is why I need to go back with being obsessed with Christian Leave and Sigh Mike.

I’m not trying to be mean here I’m just trying to give it to you straight. Get the fuck off social media if you’re trying to start drama.

All The Love x H

If you’re a Magcon / multi fandom fan and can’t handle the drama, delete your social media for a while Loves because it’s gonna be a long month.

My sleep schedule is fucked up for school because I’m staying up late trying to connect the dots. My god this is unhealthy.


PS. If this is some publicity stunt I need to talk to the managers. Just tell them to put their location on, thanks. (Tweet it to them, DM it to them, idc make sure they know that Milan Sturgis said keep your shit off the inter web.)