christian football

It's 2018

All the teams are ready. Christian Pulisic is nervous. His first world cup. Usmnt is right behind him. They play the group stage games fine (surprisingly). They’re in the semis. Christian turns to his team…. “Guys, sit out. I got this.” Tim Howard stays standing. “No, bald head. I don’t need you.” Christian is nervous (again, he’s always fucking nervous. It’s a world cup ffs). He scores 8 goals and only allows 2. He wins the semi by himself. The final is against Brasil. His team stands again. “No, I’m okay.” Neymar scores 19 goals. Christian looks defeated but it’s only the second half. America is crying. There are riots. But Christian comes back the second half and scores 20 goals. Christian Pulisic has done it. He has saved America. Only his name is on the cup. He celebrates alone. He lifts the cup alone and takes home all the medals.


Just Beautiful

He Can Play Football, And Christian McCaffrey Can Also Make Music.

Woof, Baby!