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Of course schools should be required to teach evolution as the underpinning of biology, the same way geology wouldn’t be taught without learning about tectonic plates; or chemistry without the periodic table of elements. The only reason this remains such an issue of debate in America is because ‘religious freedom’ has become the ‘anything goes’ scapegoat to cry oppression or persecution; and simultaneously, those in positions of influence on school boards have pushed through legislation implementing negatively disruptive ideology (see: Creationism, Intelligent Design) into the curriculum for upcoming generations. And with the advent of the internet, those who would otherwise be perched on soap boxes to preach their chosen gospel have access to a viral megaphone for the world to hear; injecting pseudoscience and unscientific theology into the digital stream of human consciousness without impunity. When personal computers were introduced into schools, computing classes involved the teaching of elementary programs and basic computer language, rather than how to properly, safely, navigate the internet. The American education system failed the public generations over by excluding curriculum solely focused on critical thinking and healthy skepticism. Thus, scientific literacy became a niche, chess-club-elective only reserved for those with whom it came “naturally” without illuminating its purpose to all as a method and tool for everyday survival. Now, we have rampant religious extremism masquerading as political lenience; casual racism and sexism passed off as “straight talk”; runaway corruption as “business as usual”; bully pulpit “news” forums posing as intellectual discourse; voracious and unwavering science denial regarding meticulous research, accessible evidence, and an overwhelming consensus; and yes, harmful religious ideology determined to place a distracting wedge of doubt into a scientific subject for all the wrong reasons, and without an iota of research to support it.
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This Christian mom’s tirade against dinosaurs just went viral

In case you thought the Internet couldn’t become any weirder, one parent is on a mission to make the dinosaurs go extinct … again. The mother’s protest has gone viral, garnering the world’s collective side-eye with a bizarre rant about dinosaurs that’s so weird it sounds like a hoax.

“At my children’s school, several children were left in tears after one of their classmates (who had evidently been exposed to dinosaurs), became bestially-minded and ran around the classroom roaring and pretending to be a dinosaur.”

But wait, it gets weirder.
Children are 'at risk' in Christian fundamentalist schools in the UK
A number of Christian fundamentalist schools have been downgraded by government inspectors following an investigation by The Independent which revealed children at some schools that follow the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum are taught that LGBT people are inferior and girls must submit to men.

One textbook said of the role of women and girls and society: “God has given both the husband and the wife certain areas of responsibility in the home. The husband is to be the leader of the home, loving his wife even as Christ loved the church … The wife is to obey, respect and submit to the leadership of her husband, serving as a helper to him … She is available all times day or night.”

Then there’s such as this, from a textbook… 

Today's Cultural Education
  • Me: [looking at school menu] "Today they're serving pasta. Do either of you want that for lunch?"
  • Luke: [age 11] "Sure, I'll have that."
  • Beth: [age 7] "Oh yeah. I loooove pasta!"
  • Me: "Maybe you're Pastafarian."
  • Luke: "Pasta what?"
  • Me: "Pastafarian. You've never heard that before?"
  • Beth: "What the heck is that?"
  • Me: "It's a made-up religion for people who are trying to make fun of other religions like Christianity or Islam. Pastafarians wear pasta strainers on their heads and worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster."
  • Luke: "Are you serious?!"
  • Beth: "What's a pasta strainer?"
  • Luke: [to Beth] "You know, a colander?"
  • Me: [gets out pasta strainer and puts it on my head] "Like this. They wear this on their heads for drivers license pictures and any other time they want to make a point about religion."
  • Beth: "That's really strange, Dad."
  • Me: [gets out smartphone, types 'pasta' into Google] "Here, look. All I have to do is type in 'pasta' and the fourth suggestion from Google is 'Pastafarian'. Or try this...." [types 'flying'] "...if I type 'flying', the third suggestion is 'Flying Spaghetti Monster'." [submits search, pulls up images]
  • Luke: "THAT'S the Flying Spaghetti Monster?!"
  • Beth: "Oh my gosh."
  • Me: [in a preacher's tone] "Have you been touched by His Noodly Appendage?"
  • Luke: "His noodly what?!"
  • Me: "Appendage. Like a tentacle."
  • Beth: "I can't believe people do this."
  • Luke: "I can't believe Dad knows about this."
  • Me: "This concludes today's cultural education."
  • Beth: "What will we learn about tomorrow? Is there a religion about chocolate?"
  • Me: "Yeah. We call it America."
i found grace for the man that i am not

When he is five years old, he clutches his father’s hand all the way to the synagogue. It is time for him to begin his education, but he has heard a lot about this path and the burden feels too long for his slim shoulders. All his life he has heard about the Almighty, participated in the traditions, but that is different than learning formally.

When they arrive, the synagogue looming over them, his father gently extracts his hand and kneels down to his eye level. “Levi,” he says quietly, “pay attention. Observe. Learn as much as you can. You were named for the father of the priesthood, and you can rise to the ranks of rabbi if you apply yourself.”

He is five years old, and his family has placed such high hopes on him. To become a rabbi would be an honour far greater than riches. In Galilee, to be a rabbi meant that you were the most learned. That you had outlasted your fellow students, learned better than all of them. Ascended through Beth Sefer, considered gifted enough to continue into Beth Midrash, and the most exemplary would become talmidim—learning under a rabbi until they knew enough to teach talmidim themselves. To teach their own disciples.

“Yes, Abba,” Levi replies. He isn’t the smallest child, but in this moment he feels tiny.

That feeling never really goes away.


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Let me say that being the kind of aro-ish thing where you really don’t have much difference between platonic and maybe-romantic stuff really fucked me up as a teenage bi, because one of the main things that homophobic “Christian education” curricula teach is that, especially for girls, being gay or bi is caused by “getting confused” about friendships. So if you’re wondering how aros are queer, or about how arophobia overlaps with homophobia and biphobia, that’s a start.

World History: Carolingian Minuscule

Carolingian or Caroline minuscule is a script which developed as a calligraphic standard in Europe so that the Latin alphabet could be easily recognized by the literate class from one region to another. It was developed for the first time, in about 780, by the Benedictine monks of Corbie Abbey. It was used in the Holy Roman Empire between approximately 800 and 1200. Codices, pagan and Christian texts, and educational material were written in Carolingian minuscule throughout the Carolingian Renaissance. The script developed into blackletter and became obsolete, though its revival in the Italian Renaissance forms the basis of more recent scripts. [x]