christian boys only


RebelCaptain AU || Family

It had been years after Jyn and Cassian settled down on a mid-rim planet when the two conceived. After Jyn decided to go through with her pregnancy she and Cassian quickly decided this child would be their first and last. They would learn that the child would be a daughter and they briefly discussed both their mothers for names. But Jyn and Cassian decided that that no ghost should be carried onto a person they would bring together in the galaxy. Conversations of names were minimal after that decision. It wasn’t until a week after their little girl was brought into the universe that they finally knew what her name should be. A name that was simple yet its own; Nura.

Older Jyn-Karen Allen

Older Cassian-Edward James Olmos

Nura Erso Andor-Christian Serratos 

Also could be a bridge for this set and this set

anyway i hope all my childhood best friends are having an okay time with their gay realizations

I love all the subtext behind all the dylan, tyler, and hoechlin roommate stories. they never really explicitly say it but you can just tell that hoechlin was like this nice, good, healthy straight edge christian boy who only drank red wine with dinner and never partied during work season and he moved in with two frat babies that just played video games all day and got high and ate all his food and threw up in the kitchen sink when they were too drunk and humped the christmas tree that he probably spent hours decorating and it was a BEAUTIFUL DISASTER of a living situation