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º* Moon Braid Tutorial *º

I love the moon! I saw this as a post forever ago or else I would link the original source but I cant find it

But his is my version! So I hope you like it

What You’ll Need •

§ Black/white/grey (or silver) yarn/string/ribbon etc (I sat mine in the full moon night overnight and sprinkled it with moon water :3 but this is totally optional) So, most of the colors of the moon
§ Items that appeal to your God/god/goddess/deity/ect. (I used stones/shiny things/a pretty moon earring that I lost the other one xD)
§ (optional) Incense, tea

How To º

Okay, so this is about artistic freedom! You can weave, knit, crochet, braid, or anything else. However I weaved mine, Black, White, then Grey. However or simplicity I’ll tell you how to do the braid 

Take your black, white, and grey strands and tie them together at the top
∞ Then braid!
∞ As you braid you should be in a relaxing space, this is the time to light some incense and brew some tea, you want this braid to remind you of good times. 
∞ If you have beads weave ‘em in
∞ Take the time to pray to whatever you believe in and thank them for making/supporting the moon!
∞ Once you get to the end you can tie it or leave it as is for a fringe 
∞ Finish decorating however you like

Witchy Meanings ⦿

Protection ~ Gratefulness ~ Help With Wisdom ~ Calming ~ Help with Moon Magick ~ Strength 

And whatever meanings that relate to the extra things you put on your braid/the incense you used/the tea you brewed 

Made by @ohnoregrettio/ @spell-bound-life (same person two accounts :3)

Christian Witch Summer Solstice Mini Ritual

In this post I’m going to write down what I’m planning on doing for the summer solstice as a Christian witch.

This ritual will celebrate Christ as the light of the world and the power associated with this day.

What you’ll need:
A candle
The Bible verses provided
“Insight” meditation app (optional)
Tarot cards (optional)

⛤ First cast your Circle if you do that in your rituals.

⛤ Light your candle (and incense if you want). Read the following bible verse:

“When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” John 8:12

⛤ Say any prayers here. Or do any spells that you like.

⛤ Read the following verse about your power as a Christian witch, since this holiday is also about power:

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” John 14:12

⛤ Contemplate your power as a Christian witch and how that power comes from God. Give thanks here if you feel it is appropriate.

⛤ Next, do a one card tarot reading on how you can best use the power God has given you as a witch.

⛤ You can read more bible verses I compiled in this post:

⛤ Finally, end with a meditation. You can do this on your own or use the “Insight” meditation app and find the meditation: “Centering Prayer with the Light of Christ” by David Cole.

⛤ You can also end with a prayer or feast.

Spell for Writers

🌟✝️🌟 A coffee spell for Production 🌟✝️🌟

Originally posted by yourcoffeeguru

Materials Needed:

  • A mug
  • 8-10 oz Coffee (productivity, energy, mental health)
  • Sugar and Creamer optional
  • Cinnamon (happiness)
  • Nutmeg (luck)

Make your cup of coffee the way you like, sprinkle in the spices and stir. As you stir recite:

Give me strength so I can write,

Give me imagination and insight.

Keep me on track,

keep the motivation I lack.

Meditate on this verse and you sip your coffee. Remember you were created to create yourself. You are in the Lord’s image.

Exodus 35:31-32 : And he has filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, with intelligence, with knowledge, and with all craftsmanship, to devise artistic designs, to work in gold and silver and bronze

After your cup of coffee, refill if you wish and get writing. Remember the Lord made you to create. Praise and thank Him for your gifts, and just have fun. Even if you only write 50 words, just write, you still got something on the page.

- Witchy Wolf

✧Spell to find an item you lost✧

What You’ll Need •

§*optional* A white candle

How Toº

∞If you have a candle this is where you light it and hold it in your hand, this is just something to focus your energy on so it doesn’t go everywhere
(my mind also wanders and I forget what I was doing/saying and when you’re holding fire it helps the focus ;D)
∞Take a deep breath and ask your God/deity/god/goddess/(or whatever else I missed) for help
∞Visualizing the object in your mind, the shape, weight, colors, exhale and Say out loud
   “Object I seek, I pray I’ll seek
    Where ye hide, I shall see
    What is lost, must be found 
    Please help turn my luck around”

∞Stare into the flame visualizing the object again
∞Feel the energy in the room and breathe it in
∞(If you have a candle) Exhale that air to blow out the candle
∞Thank your God/deity/god/goddess/Fey/Faeries/Elf/(or whatever else I missed)

Witchy Meanings⦿

Purity ~ Luck ~ Finding Something That’s Lost ~ Connection To God/deity/god/goddess/Fey/Faeries/Elf/(or whatever else I missed) ~

Made by @ohnoregrettio/ @spell-bound-life (same person two accounts :3)

Simple Binding Spell


  • Picture of person OR pen and paper
  • Something to tie the picture/paper up
  • Sigil (optional)
  • Some place to bury the picture/paper (optional)


Best done during the waning moon

Write the name of the person on the paper (if you’re not using a picture)
Using a cord or string, wrap the item up while saying:

I bind you, (person’s name) from doing harm against me (list other people if needed). In (deities’ name), I command you! (Deity optional, if secular you can just say "I command you”, or “with my power, I command you”)

Tie the string or cord.


On a separate piece of paper, draw a sigil representing binding this person. Concentrate your energy into it and then tear it up to release that extra energy for the spell.

Optional 2:

Bury the picture/paper and scraps of paper you tore up from the sigil into the ground. Or if you’re an urban witch like myself, into your jar of dirt.

Confidence in Christ Spell

Spell a day-Day 1

Description: A glamour meant to transform you into the likeness of Jesus Christ so that he might shine through you as you go about your day.


  1. Basil
  2. Holy Water
  3. Lighter
  4. Mirror
  5. Wood


  1. Basil is for confidence and you will only need a couple leaves. Please dry your leaves before use.
  2. The larger the mirror the better.
  3. Wood can be from any tree and is meant to symbolize the cross. You do not need much for this spell. A twig will do. I will be using Monterey Cypress as it also symbolizes death.


  1. Perform any pre-spell rituals.
  2. Burn the basil and wood in a fire safe container until they are ashes.
  3. Drop in a small amount of Holy Water. A drop or two will suffice.
  4. Stand before the mirror with mixture.
    1. May I never boast of anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.
  5. As you continue to look in the mirror, draw a cross on your body with the soot. Visualize the energy in the soot radiating over your entire body, until you see your image change into that of Jesus.
  6. Thank God for transforming you.


  1. You can keep the ashes that are left and perform steps 1, 4-6 whenever you like.
  2. Try to hide your cross. We are not supposed to advertise our faith as Christians. Your faith should be evident in your actions, not in symbols you have etched on your body.

Please do not use this spell unless you are a follower of Christ. Do not use this spell if you do not feel you are in a position to represent Christ well to the world that day. This spell is meant to help refocus our spiritual energy so that we can be Christ-like throughout our day, but you are the one who must not let that spiritual energy wane.

Assistance in Weight Loss Candle Spell

Need help losing weight? Here’s a little spell I thought up

What you need:
Your sweat (seriously)
A white candle


Do whatever you are physically able to do to work up any kind of sweat.

By doing the physical activity of your choice you are building up energy.

When you are finished, wipe off your sweat and use it to dress your candle. Essentially you’re wiping your sweat on the candle. By doing this, you’re adding your physical energy to it.

Burn the candle

Envision yourself losing the weight as you meditate on the flame


“Inch by inch
off my waist,
pound by pound
I will lose.”

Substitute the unit of measurement as needed.

End the spell with:

“(In deities’ name/As I will it) it will be done”

Let the candle burn out.

Then treat yourself to a healthy snack! Exercise as often as you can, and within your ability to do so. Don’t push yourself beyond your limit. Continue to eat your recommended amount of meals per day, please don’t starve yourself.

I hope this helps.

Witch tips: Book of Shadows/Grimoire

This is how I organize my BOS, and I find it super helpful! Enjoy! 

Firstly, I would loveee to have a beautiful, leatherbound unlined book, but I know for sure I would go crazy over not having perfect sections for everything. So, I got a 3 ring binder. I like the basic, matte black. It’s mysterious, but it will also not look important to other people in case they want to rummage through your things. You can also make awesome binder covers!

Secondly, I put an inspirational page in the front that will always encourage me to use magick! It just helps get your energy flowing when you see it as the first thing in your BOS. 

Next, get dividers for your binder. Having a binder is super duper helpful because you can open it right up, put something in the corresponding section and then close it up so easy. And, everything stays in the correct section, you can move it around if you want, and you don’t have to worry abou leaving enough pages in one section in case you want to add something. 

As you can see, each section holds its own purpose. 

  • Principles is where I put all the life laws and lessons I follow (the Noahide laws, 10 commandments, and the Wiccan Rede), self reflections, thoughts on my deities, general ideologies, thoughts on afterlife, ect. 
  • Terminology is where I put anything with correspondance, like color correspondants, candle correspondants, symbols like runes, the planets, moon phases, astrology, recipies, the meanings of stones and crystals, the elements, ect.
  • Celebrations is where I list any sabbats I follow, any holidays I participate in, any full moon or moon rituals (like drawing down the moon), and ideas as to what to do to celebrate it!
  • Spells is where I put spells (obviously), any magick rituals, jar spells, candle spells, any spellwork basically. 
  • And Pyschic is where I put anything relating to palm reading, tarot spreads and the meanings of EACH CARD, and anything else I would do like Ouija board use (date each session and make notes on who you talk to, ect.), pendulum use, anything like that. 

Well That should cover it! I hope that was useful :)

Self-Confidence Spell

Items needed:

  • A wearable item that will be charmed (necklace, bracelet, anything that can fit in your pocket and you can carry it around, earrings, etc)
  • Yellow or Orange candle (optional white candle if you do not have yellow or orange)
  • Incense (you can use Cypress, Dragon’s Blood, Musk, Basil, Bergamot, Frankincense, and Rose)
  • Water
  • Something representing earth (could be dirt, stones, herbs, salt, etc).  Herbs corresponding with self-confidence include: Cloves, White Sandalwood, Celandine, Musk.

Should be done:

  • On a Tuesday during the waxing moon (both are optional though)


Cover the item in your chosen representation of the element of earth.  You can put the item in a jar or dish and pour the elemental representation over it.  Visualize the item soaking up the element.  Take as long as you need for this.

When you are done say:

“In (deities’ name) let this item be blessed by the element of earth”  If you are secular you can substitute yourself and your own power in place of the deity.  Say something like “As I will it, let this item be blessed by the element of earth”

Next, cleanse the item in water.  You can let it soak in water or you can rinse it.  Same as above, visualize the item soaking up the element.  Take as long as needed.


“In (deities’ name) let this item be blessed by the element of water”  Same as above, if secular substitute yourself in.

Next, cleanse the item with air by passing it over incense.  Visualize the item soaking up the smoke of the incense.  Take as long as needed

If you are unable to use incense due to allergies or asthma, use a fan or feather instead.  Just imagine yourself fanning that energy into the item


“In (deities’ name) let this item be blessed by the element of air”  Same as above if secular.

Next, light your candle and either let it pass above the fire OR if you don’t feel comfortable doing this: place the item in your line of sight as if the flames were below the item.  Visualize the item soaking up the flame.  OR if you do not wish to use a candle you can pass the item over the incense again and visualize the fire burning the stick.  Incense can technically represent both air and fire. Take as long as needed


“In (deities’ name) let this item be blessed by the element of fire”

Finally, hold the item in your hands and meditate.  Allow your energy to build up and release it into the item within your hands.  


“Self-confidence I will now gain in my (list things like life, work, school work, love life, social life, work in the craft, etc). As I will it, so let it be done”.  Mean it with every fiber of your being.  Meditate some more and feel the power transfer to the item.  End in a prayer if you wish.

Wear the item as many days as possible.  


  • White candle instead of orange.
  • A match in place of a candle
  • Incense representing both fire and air
  • Feather or Fan in replacement for Incense
  • If you are unable to visualize, trust in a higher power or the elements that they will be able to transfer energy to the item.  Say a prayer for intercession in your spell.  Same goes for meditation.  Instead, pray or chant what you wish to gain from this spell.