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All the New Faces

Well, if one thing is for certain, God’s presence here on tumblr is definitely more known now thanks to the Christian Blogs Network! This is such an awesome work and as more brothers and sisters come in, it’s imperative we know who exactly we are following. As soon as I get the chance, I’ll throw together a quick little “About Me” to summarize who I am and what I hope my blog can accomplish.

It’s great to see you all, and I hope you consider doing the same!

The Lord is your worth. Without Him, you really are worth nothing. Had he not found your life usable or worthwhile, your existence would not matter. But the fact is He looked upon you and saw goodness. Beauty. Worth. So nothing apart from Him can ever give you the feeling you've been craving, for acceptance and perfection. He already gave that to you on the Cross. Now all you have to do is accept it.