christian and lissa

I feel bad for the people who don't ship Rose&Dimitri or Christian&Lissa or Sydney&Adrian or all of them...

These six characters complete each other. They bring out the best of each other and they challenge each other. They make each other better and like Rose said:

“I don’t belong to anyone. I make my own choices. But I was made for you.“ 

And my god, this quote is true. All the characters make their own choices and they are who they are. They are flawed and beautiful.


I cannot process. I cannot process what I just watched. I read the books a while ago and just. Hollllyyyy crap. So basically the movie stays true to the first Vampire Academy book although there are a few line changes but overall the movie was so damn perfect. 

It’s been like an hour and still I am unable to think about anything anything else. It’s just, the ending. Holy shit, the ending is amazing and cruel and god forbid there isn’t a second movie, I don’t know what I will do. 
I am completely fangirling. Rose and Dimitri - f, they are perfect. Lissa was so good and Christian… with Lissa, Match made in heaven. I honestly don’t know what to do right now. I am so caught up just I don’t know. 

Someone who understands me, help me.