Today feels like a great day to remind everyone that “Messianic Jews” were originally called Hebrew Christians. The Hebrew Christian Alliance of America promised at its founding in 1915 that its members renounced “Judaizing practices” and repeatedly said throughout the years that it was an affiliate of evangelical Christianity. That organization still exists today…it renamed itself Messianic Jewish Alliance of America in 1975.

The actual branches of modern Judaism have a range of beliefs, but they all branched off of pre-existing movements within Judaism. Messianics branched off of evangelical Christianity. They are Christians who were inspired to cosplay Judaism by the Charismatic Movement within Christianity in the 1960s, in order to both “go back” to an older, purer, closer-to-Jesus Christianity** and to better target and convert actual Jews. It’s dishonest and disrespectful as hell for these Christians to masquerade as a Jewish religious group, and no amount of them whining about being “excluded” will change that fact.

(** Note: Jesus practiced Temple Judaism, but the practices Messianics have appropriated come from Rabbinic Judaism, which was implemented by Jesus’s archrivals the Pharisees well after his death–so no, cosplaying modern Jewish practices will not get anyone closer to Jesus.)

If you are struggling in your faith right now, please know that it’s okay. The Christian walk is not always paved with smooth stones. Sometimes you’ll hit bumps in the road. Life gets hard. Trials make it difficult to see clearly. Sometimes you’ll feel thrown off, confused, and it will be a struggle to get back on track. But above everything, know that Jesus is always with You. He walks alongside you, always. You’re not called to walk alone. He’s got you. Continue to trust Him.