christi lukasiak

what gets me most of all is that jill directed that comment to chloe

she said, “who’s a studio-hopper now, chlo?

she did not direct it to christi. she fucking said that to chloe, a girl who has never done anything to her or to her daughter. meanwhile jill and kendall have gleefully lied about chloe on national television and on social media. just look at their throwback episode to see them vilifying the lukasiaks.

jill was already pissed that kendall didn’t have a solo and she’s pissed again because chloe is back and so the spotlight isn’t on her and her daughter. and she couldn’t even have the decency to take it out on christi–no, she went after chloe. jill is fucking trash. she is an awful human.


Damn tomorrow’s gonna be a long one but can’t wait to see it!!!