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“The original novel [Dumb Witness] was dedicated to her [Agatha Christie’s] own wire-haired terrier - ‘To dear Peter,’ it read, 'most faithful of friends and dearest of companions. A dog in a thousand.’
I felt exactly the same way about the terrier in our film. He captivated me from the moment I set eyes on him. The little dog, whose real name was actually Snubby, became my dear friend. [..] My now ever-expanding fan club wrote to tell me how much they enjoyed it [the episode], so they also told me, the sales of wire-haired terriers shot up exponentially after it was shown for the first time in March 1996.”
- David Suchet, Poirot and Me

IMO, the only smart thing Trump ever did was appoint Mike Pence as VP. It’s why he won’t get impeached. It’s why the Democrats are so reluctant to do it, even though the GOP subtly encourage it.

If he’d have picked Christie or Romney or Ryan for VP, it would be a different story.  He’d be out already. 

Many Republicans in a nutshell, though.

“Yeah, Trump could likely be the next Hitler and bring about the end of America and nuclear catastrophe. But we still can’t let Hillary or Bernie gain power. You know, all the terrible pantsuits and email shit and shockingly accurate Larry David SNL impersonations… It’s too much to bear. Worse than internment camps and everyone getting murdered, even.”