More of me as Ultimate!Madoka~ It was held in a raceway stable, so it wasn’t the best place for photos, but the stage area was done quite well for what it was. Gracious boob shot in the last photo, but it’s the only one where you can see all the make-up work Anita did for me, THANK YOU SO MUCH ILU ANITA

Myself as Ultimate!Madoka, and facingupwards as Kyubey, from Christchurch Armageddon Expo 2012 this past weekend. Probably one of my favourite photos from the entire weekend ahaha

Haven’t had a proper photoshoot for this cosplay, but hopefully will soon!


Here are all my decent photos of the aweee-someeee Homestuck cosplayers from Christchurch’s Armageddon Expo on Saturday!

I was Aranea, it was a delightful event at which to do my first ever cosplay, there were a surprising amount of Homestucks there, all is well with the world, Hallelujah, etcetera.

‘Face Off is an incredible movie, the best part is when Nic Cage says “I want to take his face… off…………….” yeah there ain’t a great deal more to say about it than that.

Err I don’t know how to do the fancy link/name thingy so have siome URLs instead (they’ll be added to as I get off my butt and find out who people are)

Aranea (me) :





Godtier John:


They’ll keep coming as I get better at stalking fing people i swear


Had a fantastic day at Armageddon! I bought a whole bunch of crap, including a time turner and stark ring.

Sat in on Mark Hadlow and John Callen’s panels, and got both individual and duo photos. I also got their autographs and had John sign one of my middle earth maps. I also got my hand kissed by him after showing off my lotr tattoo and having a quick talk about it AND he hugged me after I thanked him and explained why the Hobbit is so important to me.

Also meet a bunch of awesome cosplayers, and got a lot of admiring looks, it took people a few minutes to realise that we were miguel and Tulio, but when it clicked we got much praise. Which stroked my ego.

I am dissipointed I can’t be there tomorrow (yay, work) But it was by far the best christchurch armageddon to date. Bring on wellygeddon!


A video I took yesterday of Manu Bennett and a mini Deathstroke :)

oh yah, i said i was going to post a photo of me as normal dirk, so this is what i was like at armageddon today. i was going to go as god tier dirk tomorrow but i’m not going tomorrow which leaves me time to find the right colour material so i can make that pink headband thing and some gloves for auckland armageddon in october where i shall go like this