I’m home

*flops out of bed*
NZ was fun, always enjoy going there. I ziplined, skied, checked out Christchurch (again) and generally bummed around Queenstown for a bit.

Now to catch up on everything.


The Beauty Of The Game

Scrums, Mauls, Lineouts, And Egg Chasing…

Woof, Baby!

First, their flight to Australia was held up by an epic snowstorm, which stranded the Svanstroms in a German airport. So far, not bad. Weather messes up flights all the time, and seeing as how Erika previously survived the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, this was practically a cakewalk.

The Svanstroms got another flight, but when they finally made it to Cairns, a massive cyclone struck the city and the couple was forced to hide out in a shopping mall for 24 hours. They planned to head to Brisbane, but then that city was promptly hit by a massive flood. Instead, they went to Perth. Perth, of course, immediately burst into flames.

Australia wasn’t going so great, so they headed off to New Zealand – a peaceful land of sheep, hobbits, and quirky film characters. Unfortunately, their intended destination, Christchurch, was heavily damaged in an earthquake and the resulting floods. The Svanstroms finally decided to give up on that continent and head to Japan. In February. Of 2011.

5 Vacations That Went Impossibly Wrong