christan lacroix


I opened my eyes opened in a flash when I realized I wasn’t in my own house, I looked at my surroundings as I remembered the events of last night. Andy and I had had “some fun” Andy and I had been together for a while now, ever since that one day when andy stumbled on set of a movie I was staring in and interrupted a make-out scene in an ally.Our whole relationship was perfect except for the parent factor. Andys parents loved me, but my parents were still haveing trouble accepting the fact that I was an actress and not going to college, let alone the fact that I was dating a so-called dangerous rock star. Actually when they first met andy the kicked us out of their house, they blamed andy for the fact that I had gotten piercings and tattoos. Now there may be one tattoo dedicated to andy but he had the same for me.We truly loved each other and it hurt me that my mom hated him and our relationship. andy stirred and opened his pale blue eyes that shone in the afternoon light. “hey babe, last night was fun” Andy stated then chuckled. “yeah it was” I said and rubbed my neck. “what’s wrong” andy said and rubbed my hands. I took Andys hand in mine and  traced the tattoos “ I was thinking about my mom”  looked down sadly “you know what I love you and your mom needs to get the fuck off her high horse and accept us because we are together, and if you want to change your look with tattoos and piercing I think it only adds to your beauty.” I smiled and kissed Andy lightly. then my phone rang i laughed dryly. “speak of the devil and doth shall appear”. I and picked up my phone “hi mom” and rolled his eyes “be strong babe” he whispered. for the next 5 minutes my mom continued to talk my ear off asking me “are you still with him?’ ‘why?’ ‘what does he give you’ ‘i bet he doesn’t even respect you’ ‘ he made you change’ ‘he is the reason you don’t have an education’. I felt tears prick my eyes as I looked over at Andy. I leaned over to him and put my head on his chest. he pulled me into his lap and kissed my head rubbing my back. He looked angry. he quickly grabbed my phone and brought it to his ear. “you know what if you cant accept out relationship then stay the hell out of our lives, we are very happy and (y/n) is the love of my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. she is amazing in every way possible. AND personally I think that her tattoos and piercings represent her and what she stands for it enhances her beauty. so fuck off.” and with that he hung up. I stared at him slack-jawed “ did you really mean all that” I smiled “of course and now I want to find ALL of your tattoos.” I squeaked as andy kissed me passionately he slid his tongue along my bottom lip but I denied. He slid a hand up my outer thigh and as he got higher he went to my inner thigh. I moaned and he took that moment to explore my mouth with his tongue I wrapped my arms around his neck and he deepened the kiss as he slid my shirt and bra up and over my head. he looked at me and tugged at the hem of his shirt begging slightly. “say it” he whispered him my ear them started sucking on my neck making his way down to my breasts and leaving butterfly kisses down to my stomach then started on my waistband  but before he could I unbuttoned his pants. Suddenly Ashley walked in and completely killed the moment “oh-oh my godI am” he started then laughed and soon cc appeared next to him I grabbed my shirt and pulled it on glaring at them andy threw his shoe at the door “GO AWAY” “fucking cock block” I muttered as I clipped my bra back on. andy kissed me then went to go lecture Ashley and CC. I just smiled to myself and shook my head.

Yeah he answered me! Theo’s sister name is Tara!