christa yang

So, I read the Natalie Abrams Article

Of course I don’t agree.  I love Cristina and Owen together.

I didn’t like how she didn’t include any of Cristina’s faults, just Owen’s.  She said Cristina deserves better and I have to disagree, which I have done many times before.

It just also really bothers me that everyone else on the show can cheat and it’s like a joke or totally acceptable, but when Owen does it, it’s like “how dare he” and “he’s the worst hudband ever."  I think maybe it’s because people know the type of character that Owen is.  He’s the classy, stand up guy, and I think that people got extra angry when he cheated because it’s not like him.

Also, I don’t like it when people bring up the choking and make it seem like Owen was abusive and that’s why he choked her.  PTSD is a real issue, just like so many others that are brought up on the show, and I agree with what Cristina says when she refuses to leave him. She basically says she wouldn’t leave him if he lost a leg, or an arm, or was injured in another way.  I think that to say that Owen "choked her out” is kind of disrespectful to people that really deal with PTSD.  It doesn’t make people monsters, or anything of that sort.  Yes, they do need help, but it does not mean that they are abusive, and that part of the article in particular bothered me.