animals are not allowed at the blackwatch quarters but yet mccree and genji are


villainous art dump! and jfc am i late to this party,,, idk i was doin other stuff, and also i wasn’t sure how comfortable i felt about drawing fanart for a show that can be boiled down to evil con carne injected with pure hot topic,, but then i said fuck it and just drew fanart anyway, cause i am a weak willed individual,, enjoy!

that feel when you’re rereading some fic you wrote several years ago, and you remember a style crit someone gave you that you got defensive about and brushed off

and now you realize what that person said about the fic was exactly right, but at the time you didn’t have the style skill to see or fix it

  • me: i like my steak well done-
  • ten thousand people who still tag gifsets of cheesecake with “food porn” in 2017: hahahssygah thew tatse e ! ruiine it, must be dripping with bl;od or is cARboarddd\!!!!! rENjoy eating rubBerHUHe
The Symptoms of Discouragement

James 1:2-4

One of Satan’s most effective weapons is discouragement. The enemy knows that if he can destroy our courage, we’ll be ineffective in our attempts to accomplish anything for Christ. Let’s explore the downward spiral created by this destructive force.

One mark of discouragement is a divided mind. This underlying distraction affects every area and decision. No matter what you’re doing, it feels as if a dark cloud covers your entire thought life.

Discouragement also leads to the “blame game,” where it’s common to feel the need to point a finger at someone else. You may want to find fault with God because He has allowed painful circumstances in your life, or you may accuse others because of the way they treat you. Perhaps you yourself feel guilty for poor choices or past mistakes. My friend, blame is an empty activity. No healing or restoration ever came from trying to pin responsibility on someone else for the hardships in your life.

Anger is another common indication that a person is discouraged. When this occurs, bitterness may develop and finally become a spirit of vengeance. If you let anger grow and fester without resolution, it can easily turn into depression. Then resentment can act like a cancer that slowly spreads and invades every aspect of your life.

The traits described above aren’t what one would expect of a Christian, are they? However, they are all too evident in the church. Ask the Lord to search your heart for any trace of discouragement—and to eliminate its destructive power from your life.

anonymous asked:

I don't like Jisoos Christ jokes. They kinda make me uncomfortable

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***thank you anon for bringing this up***

tbh when that joke became popular (i think that was during mansae era because he dressed as a priest on halloween) i thought it was funny, however, as time went by it started to make me feel uncomfortable as well. whenever i see it on facebook, twitter, and tumblr, there’s always this urge to talk to the people who calls him by that nickname. i mean why dont you just call him jisoo or joshua.. or even josh or shua (since it’s shorter and more convenient)? listen i could give you a longer list of nicknames that are so much better than this “Jisoos Christ” okay… so please just.. stop. also, enough with the jokes, if you think they’re funny, trust me, they’re not.

ugh i yearn for the day when this joke becomes obsolete.