christ these names will kill me

     ❝ Yeah, but – alright, that’s still your own fault, though. You still owe me.  A disgruntled expression appears, directed toward the ceiling as a phone is placed upon his ear. If he wasn’t so relaxed – resting upon a taller man’s lap, his head pillowed quite comfortably against his knee as the sounds of a television blared in the background, he might perhaps be even more perturbed. But this sort of thing came with the territory of being an investor. Particularly one who remained steadfastly loyal to the company he’d pledged himself to ( if secretly; it isn’t as though he can allow such things to be taken advantage of. )

       Uh huh. No, I’m not giving you an extension. What do you mean why? Nn – y – what? You’ve had this contract signed for four months. Absolutely not. It’s due by Friday or the deal’s off. Good day.  Slight movement it takes for the line to go dead on his end, while he reaches to pinch the bridge of his nose and focus golden eyes aside, a silent plead for some sort of comfort in the face of his frustration.  Help.  


kitmarlowes  asked:


3. which is your favorite greek city-state?

i really do not know enough to answer this question, but i’m gonna be unbelievably basic and say athens.

4.  tell me about the classical ladies you love the most.

oh JESUS CHRIST. ducky said it better than i can, but my shortlist is:

  1. tullia minor, who married arruns and then murdered him and then her sister tullia maior in order to marry tarquin the proud. she also apparently killed her father servius tullius, the sixth king of rome, and then ran over his body in her chariot. multiple times. for sheer regal villainy, you can’t beat her.
  2. cornelia, mother of the gracchi and daughter of scipio africanus, who witnessed both her sons die before they turned forty. there’s this heartbreaking letter from her to gaius that begs him not to follow the same fatal path as his brother (which, of course, he did).
  3. julia domna, wife of the emperor septimius severus, who was pretty instrumental in the establishment of the severan dynasty. her sons, the co-emperors caracalla and geta, hated each other so much that they split the imperial palace in two; when she invited them to a peace talk, caracalla had geta murdered in front of her.
  4. agrippina the younger, because i don’t know why people insist on demonizing livia when you have her to fill all your ruthless julio-claudian political women needs.
  5. helena, mother of constantine. 

6. who is your favorite character from the iliad or the odyssey?


13. if you could time-travel to the classical world for a day, where would you go and why?

just for one day, i’d wanna either hang out in the forum and hear cicero speak or (assuming i can go wherever i want) chill w/ augustus and the circle of maecenas. 

if i can stay a good long while– this is so typical, but i’d want to work in either provincial administration during the flavian period, or i’d want a military command under aurelian.

16. cicero – love him or loathe him?

love him, obviously, i have a Very Specific Thing for figures like cicero. something about how passionate and clever and hardworking he is, how fiercely dedicated to the republic– but how nervous and shy and warm and charismatic-by-sheer-force-of-effort he is too, that gets to me.

17. if you could recover one lost work, what would it be?

ovid’s medea, probably.

18. what is your favorite movie or tv show set in ancient rome or greece?

me and @clodiuspulcher‘s late roman republic veep au. 

19. tell me about an obscure classical figure who needs more love.


  • corvus was born around 370, only about 20 years after the battle of the alia, the sack of rome by the senones and (some would argue) the birth of what we know as the republic.
  • he first pops up in the historical record during his time on campaign under marcus furius camillus, fighting the gauls in northern italy. according to tradition, before a battle a huge gaul stepped forward from the enemy lines and dared any roman who could to fight him in single combat. valerius, all of 21 at the time, volunteered. before the fight, though, a raven flew down and landed on valerius’s helmet, and when the gaul charged, the raven pecked at his eyes and distracted him, allowing valerius to make short work of him. this is how he got the agnomen corvus, which means “raven” in latin.
    • a thing to keep in mind here is that your average roman was only about five foot three; the gauls were several inches taller and this particular warrior was said to be gigantic. like, this dude probably had a solid foot on valerius, but did that stop him? bitch you WISH.
  • so after this demonstration valerius becomes wildly popular and he’s elected consul the next year, at the unheard-of age of 22. 
  • i’m not gonna go and list all his attributed accomplishments, but the high points are: 
    • held the consulship 6 times, the most of any republican roman except for gaius marius
    • held the dictatorship twice
    • held the curule chair TWENTY-ONE TIMES
    • was a key roman asset during the 1st and 2nd samnite wars
    • established a long-lasting treaty with carthage (that was likely an important factor in hostilities not breaking out for another century) during his first consulship, when he was, again, barely out of his teens
  • in addition to all that, valerius was contemporary with a period in the history of the republic known as the conflict of the orders– basically the lower class, the plebians, fighting tooth and democratic nail for the same rights as the patricians. valerius, despite hailing from one of the oldest patrician families in rome, was known for his activisim and progressive stances during the conflict, lending his famous name and upper-class credibility to the plebian cause.
  • he died in 270, having lived for an unheard-of one hundred years. marcus valerius “death who? the republic needs me” corvus
  • more people need to know about marcus valerius corvus he is very important and the embodiment of the 100 emoji
  • in conclusion: i love him please look at this art

20. what do you love about studying classics?

the roman mindset has always had a weird appeal to me. it’s why i love the early republic so much– no matter how many battles were lost, no matter how many men were killed, rome put its head down, gritted its teeth, and kept fighting until the war was won. rome didn’t succeed because it was richer, or more talented, or somehow better than every other state. it succeeded because it just kept going, in the face of hardship and misery and defeat, until what needed to be done was done. that’s a precept i generally try to emulate.

oh fuck, I was tagged in something I shouldn'tve been tagged in. WELP HERE WE FUCKIN GO BOYS

The person who tagged me: @pandalicious2000
Name: Tyler (My middle name. I don’t plan on sharing my first or last name anytime soon.)
Relationship status: Currently in a very serious relationship with a large number of fictional characters. (kill me)
Favorite colors: Gray and purple.
Last song I listened to: Guide You Home (TLoS: DotD OST) ((I like to cry))
Favorite TV shows: I spend too much time on YouTube to watch tv.
First Fandom: …FNaF. (I was an incredibly sheltered individual before the FNaF Era came along. Had I gotten around on the internet more beforehand, I probably would’ve joined the Pokemon fandom first.)
Oh Jesus Christ……….*dramatically clears throat*
“Sitting and daydreaming, coming up with self-insert OC’s with troubled pasts and tragic backstories, reading books and fan-fictions (usually the same ones over and over again), over-analyzing video games, wallowing is self-pity, watching YouTube videos, romanticizing fictional characters, listening to songs of the same genre on repeat, memeing my depression away, making over-powered variations of my favorite Pokémon, memorizing song lyrics (and getting songs stuck in my head), missing old friends, obsessing over absurd science experiments, coming up with seemingly over-powered video game strategies, and avoiding my homework like the plague.”
Books I’m currently reading: Lamb, and the entire Wings of Fire series.
Worst thing I’ve ever eaten: Escargot.
Favorite place: The inside of my house.

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I’ve never been affected by a characters death like this before…fuck. I’ve been crying for like 3 hours. this shits not fair. christ. She was so cute and pure and sweet and literally held such a soft place in my heart like i m getting SAPPY here. 

I’m still processing it. There are too many queer characters killed off in TV for shock value and this was sadly an unnecessary exploitation of a LGBT black woman. Not fucking cool, at all. But I’m also glad that they addressed the topic of police brutality and how white people are always made out to be the victims of their own goddamn crimes. And how the media doesn’t even care to mention the Actual victims name. it’s sickening. They deserve so much more than that. 

But, for now, Rest In Peace Poussey. You were such an inspiration to many.

A literal ray of sunshine.

I’m a Christian

The Bible is the authority in my life. I base my decisions, no, I base my LIFE, on what God says is right and wrong. No matter who thinks it’s stupid, silly, or old-fashioned. I’ve been called a weirdo, a Jesus Freak, a religious nut job, judgmental, spiritually superior, you name it….But I didn’t expect anything less when I signed up for this. Anyone who claims the name of Jesus Christ must walk in the footsteps of Jesus- God’s son and a man who didn’t “play nice.” He was hated and he was killed for what he preached, what He said, who He judged and what He claimed, and He has called me to preach the same message. Don’t think Christianity is something for the weak. Christians all throughout the ages were hated— HATED. Jesus went so far as to tell us, that if we aren’t hated, then we are doing it all wrong. I know that persecution is nothing new to those who preach the gospel of Christ, and we have it so good compared to the martyrs of history. Then again, who knows for how long?

Would I have the courage to say that with the barrel of a gun to my face? I would like to think that I would.

So as long as I have breath I will say it. I will say that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. I will say God’s way is not only the best way but the ONLY way, and I don’t care what anyone thinks about it. They can hate me with every fiber of their being. I will still preach the gospel. They can call me every name in the book. I will still cling to His Hands. They can hurl their insults and make their accusations and threaten me till the end of the day. I will still speak His name. Jesus. The one who gave EVERYTHING so that I could live…. and I will. I will live for the day my Savior will hold my face in his nail-scarred hands and say “Well done.” It will be worth it all–everything and anything that this world could say or do to me. I’m not afraid or ashamed for God is my Rock. I’m a Christian.


the avengers having various mini teams within the group that sometimes go off on missions together and tony has dorky code names for each group

here are some of the highlights:

any combo of steve, bucky, sam, and rhodey are the souljaboys

clint and nat are black hawk down also known as “get a room for christ sake”

steve and bucky are the senior citizens also known as “please just fuck already the ust is actually killing me" 

 clint and the twins are "the hawk and his flock" 

nat and wanda are the killer queens

clint and pietro are zinger also known as “why did we let these two work together oh my god”

thor and vision are the worthy ones

How To Lose Your Identity In Christ ( in 4 easy steps)

1. Wear yourself out.

2. Isolate yourself.

3. Focus on the negative.

4. Forget about God.

I will be the first to say that I have done every single one of these steps. Sometimes it’s because of fear and doubt, other times it’s bitterness and anger.
In 1 Kings 19:4, a prophet of God named Elijah literally says that he’s done. He says “kill me Lord for I am no better than my ancestors”. He gives up, even after seeing God’s power first-hand, because he’s afraid. He loses his identity in a moment of weakness, but God speaks to him. “What are you doing, Elijah?”
God knew the answer, but He asked Elijah so that Elijah would realize the answer.
God is calling you in the same way. Yes, you, the one reading this. You have been called by the creator of everything you know to do something great for His kingdom. Whether you care/believe/accept it or not.
You have an identity in Christ and He is calling you from where you are at this very moment.
1. Take a moment to be with God. Get some rest, eat some food, and talk with God. Spend time in His presence.
2. Don’t refrain from being with friends and family who are loving and encouraging- you are NOT a burden. They want you there. You’re much easier to attack and bring down when you’re alone.
3. Look for the good in every situation. Do not despair.
4. Never forget what God has done for you. Never let go of the good times you remember. Be grateful for the life you have.

It’s not easy, but it is simple. And it’s worth it. Never forget who you are. You are God’s.

I swear to fucking Christ sometimes straight people are so fucking obtuse I want to kill something. 

‘Oh I’m not sure you know, evelyn is a unisex name, hope this helps!’

It used to be a masculine name. I’m from the fucking Commonwealth. My writing is obviously set in the fucking Commonwealth. I’ve never met a dude called Evie, so even if one or two exist, the obvious assumption is ‘girl’ and not ‘this must be straight because girls don’t ask out girls!’

I hate everything, and I hate it when straight people read my writing and tell me my female characters aren’t feminine enough, and that they assumed a character would be male so a relationship could be presumably straight. 

Seriously, whenever I’m fool enough to post somewhere that’s not specifically queer-friendly, this shit happens. 

Straight people, you need a time out. 

And if you defend the unisex name angle you get double time out and you have to write lines.