christ in the house of mary and martha

  • broke: Mary is good and Martha is bad because Martha did silly things like housework while Jesus was at her house instead of paying attention to Him.
  • woke: The Lord admonished Martha not because she was doing housework, but because she was being too uptight and unfairly rebuked Mary in an embarrassing way in front of their guests. It was unfair of Martha to assume Mary wasn't serving the Lord just because Mary was doing so in a different way than Martha.
  • b e s p o k e: Martha and Mary's dispositions aren't opposed--they're complementary. Martha's strength is in serving the Lord through activity. She keeps everything running when He is at her house (Luke 10:40), and when she hears that He is coming to see them after Lazarus has died, she rushes to meet Him before He even gets to their house (John 11:20). Mary's strength, however, is in serving the Lord through contemplation. She sits at Christ's feet and learns from Him (Luke 10:39), and when her brother dies she stays in the house observing the mourning rites, coming only when He asks her to (John 11:28-29). But John tells us that Jesus loved both Martha and Mary (John 11:5). It's also important to note that both sisters express the same faith upon seeing Jesus: "Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died" (John 11:21, and again in verse 32). The sisters display the active and the contemplative life, both of which are important for our journey towards salvation. Mary and Martha should both have our love and respect as disciples of Christ and great saints.
~AMMO/OMMA & The Six Thatchers~

Yes, it means Mother in Korean. Also…Gender: Girl. Strong’s Concordance. omma: an eye. Original Word:ὄμμα, ατος, τό. Short Definition: an eye. NAS Exhaustive Concordance                                                                                                                                                                           Origin Ops (the eye) this links her back to mycroft-the-hermit. 

The dye mentioned below links her to enter-the-ouroboros-tst.  

Woman from Magdala, Tower, Women of Magdala, From the High Tower:

Mary Magdalene, The Woman Who Had Seven Devils


Mary Magdalene was of the district of Magdala, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, where stood her families castle, called Magdalon…and in the time of Christ was a thriving, populous town on the coast of Galilee about three miles from Capernaum. Dye works and primitive textile factories added to the wealth of the community. she was the sister of Lazarus and of Martha, and they were the children of parents reputed noble, or, as some say, royal descendants of the House of David. On the death of their father, Syrus, they inherited vast riches and possessions in land, which were equally divided between them. She is often show in a green dress and red robe.

MARY is OMMA, The sister of Lazarus & Mycroft’s EYES

Ammo is Sherlock, Omma is Mary, two sides of the same coin.

It was a setup. Oh, Mycroft.

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