christ i love him a lot

There’s a lot of stuff in the world that I don’t understand. But I’ve made my mind up to say, “God is good and I’m going to trust Him."

I was tagged by @m0chimchim and @milkei to post my 8 fav pictures of my bias. Thank you so much!!! ♥ 

So, that was… so hard? I love every picture of this lil sunshine and I couldn’t decide. I don’t even know how much time it took me to select XD But I pick these one because each of them has something for what I love this wonderful mushroom. I love his dumb side, his beautiful smile, his georgeous bareface, his cute little dimples.. AND FOREHEAD JESUS CHRIST, I just looooove him so much… fidsjifsdjfs ;_; 

Funny thing - A lot of people think that my bias is Jimin. So now I solved your doubts XD (BUT THIS LIL SHIT IS MY BIGGEST BIAS WRECKER ;_; )

And now it’s time for tag people, so i tag: 
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I love scrolling through people's blogs and seeing pictures of Harry from Dunkirk it makes me so happy

Me too. He’s so happy and skipping and everyone is fucking ENAMORED by him. Christ he’s got Nolans wife smiling! What’s not to love about our boy? Looks like he’s OWNING this set. I’m so proud. So happy to see him smiling. A lot .

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I find your choice to discern very admirable. We need more people like you in the world; who are brave enough to put worldly things aside and devote themselves God. I pray that your parents come to understand that devoting yourself to Him is not a death sentence but the perfect way to live life. Much Love!

:)) thank you so much. These words feel a bit inadequate for the amount of gratitude I really feel, but I say them nonetheless. The words of encouragement help a whole lot. They really do. It’s people like you who will be rewarded for reaching out to a sister in Christ in her time of need. Surely the Lord will bless any who prays for and encourages His faithful to perservere, yes?

May the Lord bless you and keep you.