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Chris Pine

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Wow would you look at him

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oh yea just walk by

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Chris Pine


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It was all so…devastating. The destruction, the pain, the chaos, the loss. You were only a reporter; just a journalist who was making a piece on the people of Sokovia and all they’ve been through. You helped people in your own way. You didn’t pick up a gun like you had and you certainly didn’t point a gun at anyone except those stupid sentries you had been forced to at least deter.

You had five children behind you who all cowered around an old lady. Your shoulder was hit, there was a cut on your lower abdomen, and you were losing blood slowly and your head was spinning. You were almost out of ammo and the sentries were relentless. They wouldn’t stop. They just wouldn’t stop.

You fired your last bullet just as the sentries began to close in. You stood defensively in front of those you were protecting, preparing yourself for what was to come when a gush of wind passed by and you heard the gasps of the children. You cracked one eye open to see Thor there, whacking away the sentries with his hammer.

You gaped at him and once he deemed the area was cleared, he turned and faced you to make sure you were all right. You just nodded and pointed to the children and the elder. 

“I can make a path for all of you to get to the boats safely,” he said and you nodded, all of the pain catching up to you as you clutched at your stomach.

“Yeah, sounds good.” You repeated the plan in Russian and the children and the elder all stood and all of you followed Thor to where the Transporters were. You managed to help him out somewhat by snatching a gun or two along the way. You weren’t just going to blindly follow him without some protection of your own.

Once to the Transporters, you helped all of the children on and tried to get the elder to climb on but she insisted on thanking Thor with a kiss on the cheek, to which he smiled bashfully at her. You giggled at the sight before she turned and thanked you as well, to which you just nodded with a wide smile and told her it was only the right thing to do. You were just a reporter but damn it, you could knock down a few robots if you needed to.

You got on one yourself, your job done as a medic rushed over to you. You smiled in thanks towards Thor who simply gave you a nod, though he didn’t take his eyes off of you just yet. You had one arm out and a none-too-gentle cut on your abdomen and yet you still protected them with your life. He swore to himself he’d find you one day - even if it meant maybe asking a favor from Nick Fury…you were certainly agent material.


‘The Avengers’ Super Dads Hemsworth, Downey Jr. and Ruffalo Reveal Their Secrets!

Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo … 

Chris Evans - Single… lol!

I just looked up Henke Holm’s height and dude may be skinny but he is taller than the entirety of the main Marvel roster and everyone of the DC leads except Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa who, like him, are 6'4"……. WTF

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