christ he looks so good in suits

Slip Through Your Lips (Seventeen Preference)
  • (AN: based off a request I got asking how Seventeen would sound in bed. pretty nsfw; it sucks that they won't let you put chats under a cut??? so smut warning and if you don't like, don't read. -Tanisha<3)
  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: When it comes to moans/whimpers/etc, S.Coups would actually be fairly quiet. He'd more of a giver than a taker, and when he is receiving, he is more just heavy breaths and the very occasional deep groan. He saves that groan for when he's coming, probably with your name, and if you can get him to make noise otherwise it's a huge accomplishment. That and he's also a big dirty talker. I mean, he's got a gorgeous deep voice and he just loves the way you react to it and he would just dirty talk even if it was for himself.
  • Jeonghan: He just makes the absolute best sex noises. I've read some fics about the boys singing during and actually whatever noises he made would be so beautiful sounding that you might mistake them for song. Like he's just so perfect that this would bleed into every aspect of life. Even when he's getting head and there's right or wrong way to do that, he was just look so gorgeous and sound ten thousand times better. And the sound of your name being moaned off his lips would actually almost kill you because it sounds so good.
  • Joshua/Jisoo: Just imagine being on your knees in front of him and you're giving him so much pleasure it's almost painful and he's just on the verge of cumming when his mouth hangs open and his voice cracks when he lets out a heavy "Jesus Christ". I love the irony and it actually really suits him (and now I just can't get that out of my head). He has such a sweet, small voice that hearing him mutter filthy things ("you like that, babygirl?" or "God, you look so good on my cock.") would be a contrast that you would never get over. And hearing him swear over and over in that sweet voice - it would wreck you. (Cause just the thought wrecks me but that's off topic.)
  • Jun: He would also be another quiet one. He's so concentrated on you and not blowing his load early that he gets pretty quiet during sex. And he's so athletic (with all the dance and the martial arts) that it would take a lot to getting him panting or breathing heavily. But this doesn't really bother you much.
  • Hoshi/Soonyoung: This kid won't shut up during sex. We all know he's like sex wrapped up in a cheesy sweatband and sex would be all or nothing with him and it's never nothing. So he groans, moans, whimpers, panting, huffing; any imaginable or unimaginable human noise to make during sex will come out of his mouth. He gets so into the head space of sex and really lets himself get lost in you that he never ever holds himself back vocally.
  • Wonwoo: I find him so hard to peg. He could either be very quiet or surprise you and burst out the worst/best kind of dirty talk you've ever heard and have the moans of a porn star. He would probably feel like his moans need to be a show for you, so he might exaggerate them a little. That's not even a bad thing. He wants to let you know you're doing a good job and turning him on and he can do that with his dirty words and dirty, dirty sounds.
  • Woozi/Jihoon: Whimpers; he has those shaky little whimpers, especially because he desperately tries to hold himself back. He can be kind of a grump and he's got this well-established thing about pride, but when that first, tiny little whimper escapes him you know you've broken him. Then they slowly get louder and more intense and some of them even become high pitched moans, all mixed in with gusting breaths. During sex he breaths like someone who's trying not to sound out of breath; and it's actually incredibly sexy.
  • DK/Seokmin: Loves to bit his lip and kiss you to mask his noises. He indulges himself much more in your moans and prefers not to have the attention on himself. If anything he lets out that epic, finishing moan when he's orgasming and it cracks his voice and shudders in the best way.
  • Mingyu: This motherfucker is a groaner. He groans full and deep and lets it rumble through his chest so you can see it and feel it and hear it so clear and just let it fuck you up. He doesn't shy away from making noise, and it's deep and manly and always serves to turn you on.
  • The8/Minghao: A giant puppy and kind of hard for me to imagine in terms of sex; if anything, he got gasps down pat. Whatever you do in bed either takes him by surprise or just leaves him breathless and this results in a lot of pitchy gasps, mixed with your name and maybe he would even surprise you with some swears. I feel like he'd also be a lip-biter, trying to hold his sounds back because he would shy of them.
  • Seungkwan: An amazing moaner; he has the most beautiful voice and when he really gets into holding music notes, it sounds like just pure sex moans. He moans so nicely during sex that he could make a living doing audio porn. All nice and low and raspy. Sometimes higher pitched, ending in gasps. And he's not really a dirty-talker, but he's incredibly bossy during sex, and not afraid to tell his partner what he wants from them and exactly how, and this just comes out sounding like the best dirty talk of the century. I mean the sounds he makes during sex are anybody's wet dream.
  • Vernon/Hansol: his moans are perfect. He's another one with a sex voice; and when he gets in the bedroom he lets lust takeover every inch of his body and his mind gets completely hazed over. This means he reacts to everything you do, moaning and saying your name and swearing (we all know how much he loves his swears) at each little move you make. His voice is usually pretty worn out after sex, and toward his orgasm he gets the best rasp in his voice that's the biggest turn-on for you. You work to make that rasp worse each time and sometimes even put him out of commission for rapping the next day.
  • Dino/Chan: A lot of panting. Even though he dances he still not quite used to the full exertion of sex but he's still there with you the whole time and eager and excited for it. He asks a lot of questions - he needs to know if he's doing this right (even if he done it once or twice before) and if you like it and what you're thinking because your pleasure is the most important thing. He lets the occasional moan slip through, when his mind gets lost, and it's really embarrassed. Most of the time his mind is just far too busy during sex to let his body make noise.

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How do you feel about suit and tie kink? What about Stiles and Derek getting invited to a black tie affair (maybe a dinner honoring the Sheriff.) The closer they get to fully dressed, the more turned on one or both of them become. Are they gonna get to the affair on time? Are they gonna get there at all? Are their clothes gonna be spotless? Consider this a prompt.


That may or may not be the reason this is 1.2k long, oops… Also, mentions of bottom!Derek ‘cause I love that guy. I hope you like it ^^

Derek loves Stiles. He has for a long time. He loves the way Stiles talks, loves the way he makes Derek feel, loves the way he fucking moves, but sometimes Stiles just does things that bother him.

Like now, for example. They’re supposed to go to dinner with Stiles’ dad for his birthday in some fancy restaurant in - Derek looks down at his watch - twenty-six minutes, and Stiles hasn’t left the bathroom yet. Derek knows Stiles can get insecure, especially when it comes to the way he looks, but he’s been in there for almost fifteen minutes and it’s getting kind of ridiculous.

He huffs and pulls out his phone, tapping away at the screen as he talks to Erica - who’s complaining that Boyd’s taking too long - and he doesn’t even notice when the door opens, Stiles walking into the room.

“Do I look okay?” Stiles asks him, a blush on his face as he shifts his weight. Derek hears his breath catch in his throat. Stiles is standing tall, hands spread out so Derek can see all of him. Stiles’ shoulders look impossibly broad, and blazer hugs his form perfectly, emphasizing the slight dip of his waist and the muscles on his arms.

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tbl 4x03 thoughts
  • i…don’t remember the beginning of this at all?????????
  • wait is this that dumb gaia episdoe? ugh pass
  • samar and her transfer :((((
  • liz has a canon age of 31 which means start of s1 had her at 27/28??? 
  • jesus christ everyone looks so good i can’t get over it.  makeup dept on point for s4 lol
  • aram pleaseeeee. 
  • i know A Lot has happened, but I find it hard to believe that they just let Tom walk around and join the investigation????? isn’t he still like a wanted man???? 
  • liz breaking in to that guys office to look at evidence.  i’m gay
  • btw i love dembe 
  • alkdjflakdf RAYMOND
  • ressler in the light blue suit. let me live.
  • this whole journal thing is super suspect
  • liz being so upset that samar hates her :(((( make up and make out!!!
  • god this was only the third ep and it just is…so…blah….
  • this is gonnna have to be the last ep for tonight because it is too much to do lol
  • the eps are so long how did i used to do this lol
  • omggggggggg
  • ressler what was that word???? 
  • they stole a whole train lolllll this some leverage shit 
  • god this was like peak tom keen look with the scruff and the pushed back long hair like jesus christ i’m weak
  • aaaaaah CASUAL ARAM I’M DEAD
  • samar :(((((((((((( hurtful
  • i’m hurt
  • their dumb “apartment” in an empty hanger lol
  • kirk was a mess
  • watch as i ignore all the kaplan stuff lol
  • i have two weeks to finish the rest of the season lol 

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CAT i know its not much but i found this video from a god few years back, there was a come as you are rumble as a dark match on a SHIMMER ppv and cesaro's there and at one point he just kinda sets up a pillow and blanket in the corner of the ring and takes a nap and its VERY good and i think you would like it!! youtube (.) com /watch?v=bNEfv21ICec oh MAN i hope this link works



1. this white suit is so fresh 2. jesus christ Cesaro is way taller than these other boys in the ring 3. images of Cesaro with hair basically have cryptid status by default at this point. look! he has a BUN!

local sleepy swiss banker,

all of the spots with the pillow in this were so funny, christ


also the ending of this match was so funny… god

buzz thank you for sending this video to me i’m so happy right now

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have you seen the new trailer for 6B?? yo the scene where mike's at harvey's comes right after a bit with donna and when it showed harvey all motherfucking sexy i thought ... boy ... here we go ... brace for the d*rvey. but!! it wasn't darvey!! it was mike!! harvey specter all motherfucking sexy for drinks in the evening with mike! likkkkee. im fine. (im not fine.) and also the first scene in the trailer is marvey and im so here for it. despite everything im still excited. two weeks!








(also most important part of that promo is CHEST. like fuck SAKE gabriel reign in the daddy as fuck aura you’re giving off PLEASE.) 

no on the real i saw the promo the other day and i was so done w/ the yikes (bc idgaf at all gIVE RACHEL A STORYLINE THAT DOESN’T INCLUDE MIKE PLEASE JESUS FUCK) and so done w/ donna which makes me sad bc i used to love her so much

but for real the marvey. i’m such a slut for marvey. like i can rant and rave about this show all i want, say i hate it, fuck korsh, fuck everything ABOUT it but the minute someone dangles a marvey carrot over my goddamn head i’m like jumping and reaching aND DYING OF STARVATION ALL OF A SUDDEN


also we can talk about the fact that harvey’s looking at mike like that and then you have mike looking at harvey like this 




#thirsty #for #gabriel #macht

#fuckkorsh xo

Imagine Jim putting on his command gold for the first time and trying to make light of it to ease his nerves before his first official day as captain of the Enterprise.

“Well?” he asks Spock and Bones as he enters the mess hall, gesturing to himself, “How do I look?”

Spock merely nods his approval, but Bones just stops and stares. Of course, he’s always found Jim attractive - he’s one of the few to have chipped away at that cheeky, confident mask and seen the shy, fragile man underneath - but this. This was a little too much for an early morning shift and only one cup of coffee. Bones can’t help it. It just slips out.

“Christ, Jim, you look beautiful..” He quickly tries to conceal it as a yawn, a cough, anything. “Uh- Yeah, Jim, you look- you look pretty good. Suits you.”

Jim raises an eyebrow as he perches on the table the pair are sitting at. “And just what was it you said before that, hm?”

Bones becomes very interested in glaring at his coffee. “N-Nothing- What are you talkin’ about-”

“I believe his exact words were ’‘Christ, Jim, you look beautiful”,“ Spock interjects with his usual deadpan expression. Jim’s face is one of surprise, Bones’ pure rage.

’'You goddamn green-blooded-” the doctor starts, practically hissing, but Jim interrupts.

“That’s funny, Bones,” he says oh so casually as he straightens up, “I’ve been saying the same about you for a long time.”

Bones stops dead, face one of shock and quickly turning a rather violent shade of red. Jim knows this isn’t the best time to be talking about this and saves Bones the embarrassment by changing the subject.

“Gentlemen, I believe we have work to be getting to,” Jim announces as professionally as he can, still fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

Spock nods again, getting up to follow the captain to the bridge, Bones not far behind them, with a rather audible hiss of “Damn his Vulcan hearing” directed at the back of Spock’s head. Jim just laughs, his face turning a little red too. First day wasn’t looking so bad after all.