christ enthroned

To suffer and to be happy although suffering, to have one’s feet on the earth, to walk on the dirty and rough paths of this earth and yet to be enthroned with Christ at the Father’s right hand, to laugh and cry with the children of this world and ceaselessly sing the praises of God with the choirs of angels — this is the life of the Christian until the morning of eternity breaks forth.
—  St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), Love of the Cross: Some Thoughts for the Feast of St John of the Cross

So, this whole “Jesus is still on his throne” and “Our citizenship is in Heaven” rhetoric…

That is technically true, yes. However, the whole point of our heavenly citizenship is that we would actively pursue the Kingdom of God here and now. So when you use that concept as a tool to suppress outrage at the election of an oppressive administration, you are fundamentally missing the point of that theological concept. While Christ is already enthroned in heaven, he has not yet come back… and that means that there is work to do… which could not be more obvious given the circumstances.

So when you say “Christ is still on his throne” or “Our citizenship is in Heaven” you had better follow that up with… “Therefore, how are we going to try to change and resist this oppressive and authoritarian administration to bring conformity to the ideals of the Kingdom of God?”