christ bones keep it in your pants

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McSpirk!! :D Wolf Pack!au (no a/b/o) ;) your headcanons are the light of my day tbh

Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying them :) 

  • Initially, it’s just Jim and Bones, and Bones likes it that way. More of them and things get messy. They get caught, or careless, and Jim’s already careless enough as it is. 
  • Jim is pretty much the Incredible Hulk. Heart’s in a good place, does a lot of good to the people around him, but he’s so afraid of losing his control that he ends up losing it faster than necessary, and it’s a lot of time and energy to chase after Jim once he loses it. 
  • “I think we should keep him,” Jim says to Bones when they’re out in the woods. A long hike is a great way to tire both of them out. They stumble upon a body in the woods. All slender and naked, and definitely werewolf. Bones senses it immediately. Also still alive. “We’re not ‘keeping’ him,” Bones says, kneeling down next to the body and touching it gently. Immediately, a hand closes around his throat and eyes glow up at him. Bones gasps for air, his own eyes lighting up that hazel and green, and the other werewolf lets him go. “Christ, that was unnecessary,” Bones says, clearing his throat. “Are you alright?” The man nods, stumbling back to his feet. Bones grabs his arm and prevents him from tripping. “You need to rest. Seems like you had a rough night. You can stay with us for a day or so.” “Or indefinitely,” Jim says. “A day or so.” Bones repeats. “Jim, give him your pants.” “I’m not-” “Jim.” “Fine”
  • So they bring Spock to their little apartment. Jim’s eager to question him, but Bones tells him to keep calm. They let him shower and have a pair of pajamas ready for him to wear so he doesn’t have to stay naked. Not that Jim would mind that. And when he finally gets out, they find out Spock was only recently bitten, and it’s very new, and Jim remembers that feeling of being completely alone and not knowing what to do. Bones doesn’t, because he’s born a werewolf. “You can definitely stay with us a little while.” Jim says, glancing in Bones’ direction, who just nods hesitantly. 
  • Jim may have been an awful student, but he’s a patient teacher. Bones likes to watch them interact. Jim’s all hands on and calm, teaching Spock the ropes, and Bones thinks he’d be a fine pack leader someday if something happens to Bones. It also helps that Spock is a quick learner when it comes to his new powers, except for his newfound physical strength, and hearing. He’ll overhear Jim talking to Bones quietly in the next room and then talk about it openly to them, with no regard of privacy whatsoever. Or a gentle push ends with accidentally throwing Jim against the wall. Bones finds it hilarious until Spock literally rips off the door of his beloved car by accident. 
  • But Spock is instantly accepted as one of their own. It just works. And the three of them train together a lot. Bones chains  both Jim and Spock down in the basement for the full moon, and stays with them when they turn. Jim can control himself to some extend, but Spock doesn’t. Not until Bones firmly tells him to get it together, and listening to Bones continuously telling him it’s going to be okay, and keep breathing, it helps. Eventually. 
  • They go jogging together (or mostly, Jim and Spock do. Bones prefers to have breakfast at iHop while the other two are out training). Hiking in the woods is something Bones does enjoy with them. The three of them doing everything together, and Bones decides to change Spock’s “staying for a few days turned few weeks turned few months” to Spock’s “staying indefinitely”. Jim is over the moon. 
  • Jim and Bones sleep together all the time, but after Spock gets to stay permanently, too, he joins in as well. And it’s great in winter, because even for a werewolf, Jim is almost always cold. But in summer Bones just groans because his boyfriends are too hot and how can he possibly sleep with two werewolves curled up to both his sides and yet he can’t exactly get himself to move, especially not when both are so peacefully asleep.