So my devotional last night was talking about Exodus 33:12-23 where Moses is talking to God about His Presence and His Glory. 

God has instructed Moses to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land, but God has said that His Presence would not go with them because of their sin. The really moving thing is Moses’ response, “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.” As in: God, I would rather be in the desert with You than in a paradise without You. Give me You, the world can give me nothing of value. Give me Your Presence, it is the only thing in this world that matters to me. 

Then Moses asks to see God’s glory. And God responds that He will put Moses in a cleft in the rock and cover Moses with His hand, and once His glory has passed, He will remove His hand and allow Moses to see His back. Then what got me crying like no other was when my devotional said this: “When life feels dreadfully dark and you can’t see a single fleck of light, maybe it’s not too far a reach to think perhaps God could have you in a crevice covered with His hand.” Maybe His glory is passing over you right now and He’s got His hand over you as you experience this crevice. Maybe He’s protecting you with His might and power, you just can’t see it right now. And when you can see the light again, maybe you’ll see what His glory has left in its wake.

Stay in the desert if that’s where God is. His Presence is so so sweet and there is nothing in this universe that can compare to it. Find joy in the crevice. All that God’s glory has been doing for you is about to be revealed. He is working all things for your good, sometimes you just have to stay in the dark for a while to see it.

Tips for Travelers

It is God who works in you…to act according to his good purpose.” — Php 2:13 NIV

As you travel through life on your spiritual journey, here are two important tips to remember:

(1) With God no experience is ever wasted. That includes the painful and difficult ones. We may impress people with our strengths, but we often connect with them best through our struggles. If you want to motivate someone, don’t just tell them about all you’ve accomplished, talk about the tests and trials you went through to get there. If you don’t, you may seem beyond their reach. Indeed, some of the experiences you’re reluctant to share may be the very things that will cause them to think, “If God could do that for you, then He can do it for me too.” In other words, you’ll give them hope.

(2) To succeed in God’s kingdom, you must serve others. Look at Joseph. He used his talent, fame, and fortune to feed the world during a time of famine; his reward came afterward. When your goal is to meet other people’s needs you’ll always be rewarded, and you’ll always have a future. Jesus didn’t tell Peter to go out and gather a crowd together just so he’d have someone to preach to. No. He simply said, “Feed my sheep” (Jn 21:16).

Pastor, if too many church pews are empty on Sunday morning, do more than blame the people. Ask yourself, spiritually speaking, “How’s the food? How’s the service?” As long as there’s a spiritual hunger that nobody else is satisfying, you have a future and a ministry.

As you consider these two tips for travelers, pray and ask God to make them part of your life.

This is that mystery which is rich in divine grace unto sinners: wherein by a wonderful exchange, our sins are no longer ours but Christ’s; and the righteousness of Christ is not Christ’s but ours. He has emptied himself of his righteousness that he might clothe us in it, and fill us with it: and he has taken our evils upon himself that he might deliver us from them.

Martin Luther

y’all really think the enemy is gonna attack the parts of your life that aren’t making a difference? NAH. he’s gonna try to attack you where it hurts. in the places where there are people you love involved. trying to hit the sensitive spots that mean the most to you. he goes after you where you’re making a difference for the Kingdom—where you’re living out your God-given purpose. so, don’t let the enemy take cheap shots at you. if you begin to feel discouraged, take heart. it means he’s tryna keep you from where you’re at because you’re doing it right.