It’s official
I never paid attention to it before but seeing it constantly on my twitter tl, camila’s fans (those who are strictly her fans and don’t care much if at all about the other girls) are officially worse than camren shippers.
Are they really so pissed that the girls are happy for Lauren when it comes to her song? They’re really being so petty that they need to complain that the girls (specifically Dinah’s post about it on instagram) are super happy for Lauren when they apparently didn’t show what they deem as “the same support” for Camila. Get over it. The first time they were blindsided. The second time it’s really just whatever. You dont to put things on social media for everyone to see for it to be real. You don’t know what happens with them behind closed doors and away from cameras. Bad things is a good song. So is Back to Me. Just cause they haven’t put anything about the song on social media doesn’t mean they dislike it. Just means they’re happy for Lauren because she did something for herself and it’s doing well.
They’re so annoying (the fans). And maybe it’s mostly a certain group of them that rally behind their little cult leader (not Camila) so when she’s pissed they all are because it’s what they do. But seriously, give it a rest. You always wanna talk about how ot4 people are constantly bringing up Camila but then you turn around and bring her into shit that also has nothing to do with her. Damn 5H really needs to do some fan spring cleaning this next year cause ya’ll are dumb and annoying as hell.

Also, side note: you Camila stans need to chill tf out. You preach “love only” and claim to stand for everything Camila stands for, you claim other actual 5h fans are hypocrites because Lauren’s side project got a better response than Camila’s then you turn around and become hypocrites yourselves. How can you preach all these things, claiming that Camila deserves better all because of a damn song (which she’s getting way more attention for than 5h stuff right now) then talk about how Lauren’s with Marian Hill is “just ok” and “not even a bop”. Bitch stfu. Music is music. A song doesn’t need the world to listen to it or for it to be on mainstream radio for it to be great. Cause I guarantee it, if Bad Things had been featuring one of the other girls or even someone different all together you wouldn’t have pushed it as hard and made it do so well on the charts. So shut your selfish hypocrite asses up.

Petition for 5H to do a concert in jeans, t-shirts/tanks, and regular shoes.

I feel bad for them always having to glam up for a concert when harmonizers would go to a concert if they were all dressed in onesies and moccasins/slippers. Being made up is nice but sometimes you just want be casual.

Reason #5725738 I love Dinah

(And the rest of the girls for that matter)

She is always coming to the rescue to shade the hell outta any guy that talks shit about or does anything to hurt Lauren. Her and Mani throwing shade like crazy and I gotta say, I love it

I had zero issue with Camila doing that song with Shawn, and I still don’t. But his team is really getting aggravating. If Shawn can’t find a way to perform IKWYDLS without Camila he needs to remove it from his set list because it looks like if she was in the studio with the other girls today, she dipped early because she went to (likely) to perform the song with Shawn. I get it, but a lot of collabs get performed without half of the collab team when the other person is another established artist who is in the studio recording for albums or doing rehearsals and it’s extremely shitty as well as insensitive to the rest of 5H for Shawn’s team to continue booking all of these performances where he’s performing that song and she has to bail from her obligations to go sing/interview with him.
He needs to learn to perform it without her or remove it from his setlist. Cause what happens when he tours? She can’t follow him around on tour to perform one song. His team is fueling breakup as well as tension rumors and her team needs to put a stop to it. Cause at this point it is creating what appears to be a divide and also makes Camila look bad. People are seeing her as some sort of fame whore because she’s currently getting more media attention because of this damn song. And James Corden seemed to have been the only interviewer to acknowledge the fact that she’s in a group and not Shawn’s token vocals on a song that he made a single and can’t perform alone.

** she does a lot of it in what should be her free time but still doesn’t change the fact that I’m pissed at Shawns team for robbing her of that extra time. And because of that, that’s probably why there looks to be a divide within her and the group.

Every single time Lauren is in a take over video for an extended period of time it just reconfirms that she’s just a huge dork and her persona to outsiders of the fandom will never see that side of her cause she wears a protective shell to the media. She’s totally harmless. The girl collects coins for crying out loud.
I think that’s what makes her so lovable to her friends/fam/fans though.

For anyone that is unable to download those two bonus tracks, if you click on the folder that is also provided in this link, there are the .mp3 versions of them in there. Otherwise if it begins to be too many people I’ll add the files multiple times so that more people are able to have them outside of Japan. So if you can’t download it in either format, let me know and I’ll add it again to that folder so that you can. 

** Okay, so I just added about 10 more copies of each song in both .mp3 & .m4a (which is the iTunes format for purchased music) to both folders. So enjoy!

** That is the button to download the songs. It sits at the top of the page when you click on the file. (Also does not download to iPhone, I’m not sure about android phones, so I’d suggest using a computer to download and moving it to your phone/ipod/mp3)


How is it that some of you ‘fans’ are so bored and in need of attention that you’ll fake messages/photos, bring up old messages or photos that have been seen before and/or apologized for or proven to be fake and call them ‘rare’ and ‘leaked’, or even worse hack into those girls accounts and post their private information/photos/conversations with other people. 

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Sam Smith just made me love him more.

It’s evident he didn’t know who fifth harmony was before they won and he clearly looked them up and saw their mash-up. He congratulated them on their VMA and praised them for their cover also. What a freakin sport. Just when I thought I couldn’t love him more.

When I see someone saying it’s ‘too soon’ for 5H to take on individual side projects, I want to scream. What gives you the right to judge what is too soon or not? By taking on an individual project or two you’re giving other industries a taste in patience, support, professionalism as well as drive to maintain one steady ‘project’ while taking on another both as an individual and as a group.

What would be a more ‘appropriate’ time for Fifth Harmony to take on an individual side project? In 5 years? 7 years maybe? What about when they’ve grown to resent each other and are no longer willing to work together because they never had the opportunity to grow as an individual and a young adult in front of millions of people? Is that a more appropriate time? How about when taking on a side project ACTUALLY means you permanently breaking away from the group? Good time?

And for the love of Christ, stop comparing Fifth Harmony to other groups! They’re not the same. They’ll go through different issues and have different individual problems. What you see isn’t always what’s real. 5H has said on multiple occasions that they give each other room to grow as an individual as they grow as a group. That’s an important factor in music. If you’re stuck in a rut as an individual you’ll project that rut onto the group and it’ll become contagious. Stop thinking you know what’s best for 5H because you don’t. And clearly their contracts allow for them to experiment with other endeavors, music related or otherwise because if it didn’t the song with Shawn/Camila would never go out because it would go against her contract.

Camila Cabello

**Okay, so I was gonna wait until the morning or afternoon when I had a clear mind to write this, BUT I took a 4 hour nap today so I’m gonna write it now. (It’s 1AM currently, btw)**

Anyways, Camila Cabello, there is so much to say about this one but there are a few things that I want to address right now that one may find in the tags, especially after last night. The first thing is Camaustin, the second is BRIEFLY Camren, the third is that girl needs to eat! And lastly I’ll touch base on her personality/relationships with the girls like I did with Ally. Easy enough. So instead of beating around the bush let me just jump right into it and address Camaustin.

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Can we just appreciate how well Camila handled that? Some people go cray but she was calm and polite about addressing that. Add that to the list of things about and reasons we love Camila. 

Someone should dress like spongebob and give her a bouquet flowers, a basket of junk food and hugs for days with a side of a mix tape and a Barnes & Noble gift card.