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Not directed at anyone here but holy crap can we stop making such a big deal out of the nasty comments that pop up on MM’s social media? This isn’t unique.That is the life of a person in the public eye, hell it’s the life of anyone that chooses to have a presence online. There are trolls all over the internet. I promise MM isn’t the only person to have nasty comments left on a picture. Anyone ever pay attention to the comments that someone who is really in the public eye like Chrissy Teigen receives? Or maybe the comments that someone who has a famous movie star boyfriend like Margarita Levieva, who dates Sebastian Stan, receives? Holy hell! I am not saying it’s right and I wouldn’t do it myself but I refuse to be all broken up over the fact that someone who might be dating an actor in a tv show I like receives some negative feedback on the internet. It’s not my job to police or call out anyone’s behavior but my own. So could people stop coming here suggesting that just because we are/were shippers that we somehow owe it to MM to police her social media for nastiness? Believe me if I had a superpower that allowed me to prevent nastiness on the internet MM wouldn’t be my first stop or my 100th…

26 May 2017

[The Mill with Robert and Aaron]

AARON: Morning Robert! Check out this mug I bought yesterday - wait…yesterday? Was that before or after I decided to forgive you for cheating on me? - Nevermind, anyway, look “Property of World’s Best Husband”! Isn’t that adorable?

ROBERT: Is that to remind me of what I’m not?

AARON: Yes and to prompt you to thank me for being the best and most forgiving husband in the world because this mug is totally mine.

ROBERT: You’re the best and most forgiving husband in the world and you totally deserve that mug. I’m so glad the Plot took the day off yesterday and we got to have some real, deep, meaningful conversations about all of our issues and our love for each other. #QueenMaxine It’s almost like we were in one of those fan fiction stories I spent half of our break reading. But at least you’re Plot Aware now. I’m glad we’re in this together now.

AARON: *Tiniest Smile* *Resigned Look* #ThisPlotSucks

*Little kiss and hug* - for the fans

[The Woolpack with Rebecca and Chrissie]

*Marlon and Carly are being adorable with April to show the positive side of having children*

CHRISSIE: Look what you have to look forward to!

REBECCA: Yay! …So do you think it’s really a good idea to be here in the pub…that’s owned by Aaron’s family. I mean I know they moved out yesterday but they could totally still come in.

CHRISSIE: Robert doesn’t dictate your life, Rebecca, the Plot does, usually through Robert because you only exist for him. But we’re having sisterly bonding time again so I’m going to get you some food before you turn on me again. You really are fickle.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any of the Jurassic World au written?

(aaron/robert, various)
there;s so much more to this but have a snippet!

There’s a note on the bedside cabinet.

Lawrence wants me to check out the new Paddock. Some new dino (what!!!). Be back for dinner. Love ya. 

There’s an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of Aaron’s stomach that only worsens when his phone rings, Control’s number flashing up. 


“Aaron.” It’s Nicola, her voice clipped but efficient. She’s been Operations Manager for longer than Aaron’s been employed at the park, and he’s not used to the tone of voice she’s using. 

Robert, Aaron thinks. “What’s happened?”

“You need to get up here now.” There are raised voices in the background. Aaron recognises Chrissie and Lawrence. “It’s Robert.”

Heart in his mouth, he scrambles out of bed. “I’ll be right there.”

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LWD & SKOP challenge . day one . one parallel . jane & luna’s self love

similar post by @lorenhellion

Memories That Remain 2

Summary: Whitney Earp is getting married, which in a small town like Purgatory, is big news already, but Whitney has a secret. While sorting through some boxes in the attic, preparing for her move off the homestead, she stumbles across a familiar white stetson, and her mother’s old journal. She learns that her mother Waverly has been keeping something important from her her entire life – Waverly Earp is not her biological mother. Through lies and the perfect scheme, and a wedding that is one disaster after another, Whitney is determined to get to the bottom of the family secret, even if it means getting both of her mothers in the same room after 20 years of estrangement. 

By @haughtbreaker and @jaybear1701 

Also available on AO3.

“You seem so far away though you are standing near
You made me feel alive, but something died I fear
I really tried to make it out
I wish I understood
What happened to our love, it used to be so good.”

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Neighbors: Part Three - Awkward

word count: ~1600

Summary: You move in to a new apartment and find out quickly (and awkwardly) how thin the walls are…

warnings: awkward conversations

AU Sam x Reader - Enjoy!

Part One - Part Two

The rest of the weekend was torture.  You avoided leaving your apartment, at all costs.  Even though you desperately needed to go to the grocery store, you couldn’t bring yourself to go, just in case Sam was in the hallway.  Your mind kept replaying how Sam sounded moaning your name, and you found yourself turned on at the most random times.

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