chrissy needs to go to bed

  • Rebecca: I thought Aaron was supposed to be the self-destructive one.
  • Robert: He can do what he likes. We’re over.
  • Rebecca: Stop kidding yourself. You love each other.
  • Robert: Thing is, I love lots of people. [Hugs her] Some more than others.
  • Rebecca: You need to go home to bed.
  • Robert: Sounds good to me.
  • Rebecca: I’m already on a promise.
  • Robert: What? With Ross? How long’s that gonna last?
  • Rebecca: Dunno. Probably until he realises my sister is a better option.
  • Robert: Me… me and Chrissie, it was the biggest mistake of my life.
  • Rebecca: Not just yours.
  • Robert: Well, then, this is our chance to try again, to get it right.
  • Rebecca: Till something better comes along.
  • Robert: No, no. You remember that first time we met? That garden party?
  • Rebecca: When you came on to me behind my boyfriend’s back.
  • Robert: I couldn’t help myself. And nor could you. There was something there and there still is. And you know it.
  • Rebecca: How could I ever trust you again?
  • Robert: Stop trying to.
  • [They kiss]
15 Really Superficial Things to Take from Today’s Episode

1.  Aaron needs to get kidnapped more often if that’s what it takes to see his hair like that, he was absolutely gorgeous.

2.  “You’re doing a good job there mate.” -  Paddy says to Robert as he stitches his wound.  Paddy is too nice.

3.  Robert is going to have to work hard to get Aaron back, I mean really hard.

4.  Aaron’s eyes are so beautiful when he’s sitting in the car.

5.  Not in Chrissie’s bed Aaron, there are loads of rooms in that house, why Chrissie’s bed?  

6.  No matter what happens….Aaron will not listen to Paddy.

7.  Chrissie never questioned why Robert would shave with his jacket on.

8.  After he left Aaron tied up for the night, Robert rushed to HF to wash his shirt so that he could wear it the next day.

9.  Robert looked really sexy when he whispered into Paddy’s ear (I know, I’m terrible).

10.  "Oh, and we’re all just going to pop to the A&E.“ - that was funny.

11.   Paddy needs to stay away from blokes coming out.

12.   Robert could be at the center of a disaster and his hair would remain flawless.

13.  I thought I was going to be angry at Robert…but I love him more…what’s wrong with me?

14.  I love badass Aaron.

15.  When Aaron said, ”You going to deny it or do you want me to carry on? - I thought, Aaron, Keep Calm and Carry On.