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Thoughts about ED

I’ve already put into words about how much I dislike the Rebecca, Aaron and Robert storyline… so I’m going to talk about it again as I need to get it off my chest once again so here we go with my rather rambling attempts at typing my current thoughts and feelings. Throughout this storyline, there have been several things that have annoyed me. The biggest one has to be how inconsistent of a character they have made Rebecca. She was brought in after being summoned by Robert to help him with the whole saga of Chrissie framing Andy. She was shown back then to be a character that would do anything to get what she wanted, she repeatedly tried to get Robert into bed and didn’t give a damn about Aaron’s feelings. Rebecca also repeatedly slept with Robert when he was with Chrissie, once even at Robert and Chrissie’s engagement party, she openly bragged to Chrissie and happily told Chrissie this. This to me does not create the impression that Rebecca is a nice person. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if they had brought her on to be a soap bitch at that point, at least her motivations would be clearer. What we are seeing of Rebecca as a character on screen is something I just can’t get. I genuinely do not know where Emmerdale intend to go with this character or what her motivations are. When the truth came out about Robert being the Dad she was adamant that she was going to do it. She then, a few weeks later and says that she didn’t mind Robert being involved and that she wanted his name put on the baby’s birth certificate… what?! While scrolling through my dash on Tumblr I have come across many well thought out and written theories about this storyline and where it is leading, and it is so easy for the theories to be written as the writing leads a lot to be desired. Several examples to mind. One such example is when Rebecca and Robert attended the scan, the medical professional shows asked Rebecca if the dad was coming in and Rebecca responded something along the lines of Robert being the dad. We also have only had Rebecca’s word that Robert is the dad, especially after she was also sleeping with Ross (Are we meant to read more into this or not?) They have had the horrific abortion side of the storyline, in which they have said that Rebecca was forced by Robert to have a previous abortion. This is highly problematic and should have been avoided, they used this only to retcon it and brush it off as ‘it wasn’t the right time’ It is quite frankly insulting to use such a personal and sensitive issue as cheap plot drama. Not to mention, the dropped (never going to forgive ED for doing this) consent issues over how 'the incident’ actually happened. Another thing that has annoyed me is how they have thrown so many characters under the bus for the sake of Rebecca. They have had Victoria, Robert’s sister pressuring Robert into having something to do with the baby when he was saying that he did not want anything to do with the baby and he wanted to try and move on with Aaron. They have had Rebecca move in with Victoria (which I do not get). Robert himself as a character has been thrown under the bus, as they had done a beautiful redemption for Robert but they have had him cheat three weeks after his wedding day. There has been zero reaction from Aaron’s family about this whole storyline, in fact, he’s barely had any scenes with his family throughout this tortuous storyline, yet to rub salt in wounds they’ve had Rebecca have more scenes with Aaron’s family than Aaron himself has. The straw that broke the camels back for me is in Friday’s episode after the whole conversation between her and Debbie and then the later conversion between her and Victoria. They have really put Aaron through the wringer for the sake of this plot and it is quite frankly horrifying. They’ve put him through hell. They’ve had him relapse into self-harm, they have had him go back into drugs, they’ve had him attempt to throw a wrench at his husbands head and threaten a pregnant lady. I will admit that one of the only good things they’ve done is to accept that he needed to be away from Robert for his mental well-being. I will never forgive Emmerdale for doing this storyline and would love to see Iain explain himself to fans face to face.


My day could have started better. Niall was shaking me gently, “babe, it’s 7:30, didn’t you say you needed to be up early?” I buried my head into his shoulder, inhaling his scent that I loved so much. I wrapped my arm around his waist, my brain still sleep fuzzy. “Chrissy, I hate to do this to ya, but ya need t'wake up.” The urgency in his voice and his arms pulling me away from him finally got through to me. “What time did you say it was?”, alarm running through me, as I jumped out of bed and ran to my closet. “7:30, why, what ya got planned for t'day?” He sat up and watched me as I pulled on my jeans and a loose fitting hoodie.

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15 Really Superficial Things to Take from Today’s Episode

1.  Aaron needs to get kidnapped more often if that’s what it takes to see his hair like that, he was absolutely gorgeous.

2.  “You’re doing a good job there mate.” -  Paddy says to Robert as he stitches his wound.  Paddy is too nice.

3.  Robert is going to have to work hard to get Aaron back, I mean really hard.

4.  Aaron’s eyes are so beautiful when he’s sitting in the car.

5.  Not in Chrissie’s bed Aaron, there are loads of rooms in that house, why Chrissie’s bed?  

6.  No matter what happens….Aaron will not listen to Paddy.

7.  Chrissie never questioned why Robert would shave with his jacket on.

8.  After he left Aaron tied up for the night, Robert rushed to HF to wash his shirt so that he could wear it the next day.

9.  Robert looked really sexy when he whispered into Paddy’s ear (I know, I’m terrible).

10.  "Oh, and we’re all just going to pop to the A&E.“ - that was funny.

11.   Paddy needs to stay away from blokes coming out.

12.   Robert could be at the center of a disaster and his hair would remain flawless.

13.  I thought I was going to be angry at Robert…but I love him more…what’s wrong with me?

14.  I love badass Aaron.

15.  When Aaron said, ”You going to deny it or do you want me to carry on? - I thought, Aaron, Keep Calm and Carry On.

Grey’s Anatomy {Doctor!Calum Hood AU}

A/N: Here’s Chapter two to my favorite book. I’ve decided to make each chapter in both Sydney’s and Calum’s P.O.V. Meaning I’ll be alternating the p.o.v’s with each chapter. So next chapter will be in Sydney’s p.o.v.

Warning: none.. just an emotional Calum 

P.O.V: Dr. Calum Hood

Chapter 2: Broken Heart, Broken Leg

I stepped through the familiar hospital doors of LA Gen. I took in a deep breath of LA air and smiled to myself as I made my way to the elevator doors.

“Well look who decided to show up to work today.” I heard a familiar Australian voice behind me. I chuckled and turned around to be met with my 3 best friends.

“It’s good to be back mate.” I said and pulled them in for a group hug.

“We missed you,” Luke smiled and I smiled back,

“I missed you guys too.” I said whole-heartedly. I really did the boys. We grew up together and went to the same college and the same medical school. We were basically brothers. The only thing that changed was our specialties during our residency. Michael chose cardio, Ash chose Neuro, and Luke chose plastics- it suited him well. I ended up choosing Trauma partially because of the adrenaline that came with it. But, a special someone as well played a key role in choosing Trauma.

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Week 13 Keeping Track

Repetitive due to different sources

Mainly DS, Metro, ITV and Mags - I update it as the mag spoilers come in

Week 13 (28th - 1st April)

Tuesday 29th March

Moira tells Holly that she’ll be working at the garage to pay back her debts. Later, Moira confides in Adam that Holly has been taking drugs again and she’s had to pay off her dealer. Moira is determined to keep her daughter safe this time, but is that really the end of it?

Victoria is excited when Megan says she’ll sort out an agreement with her street food business

Wednesday 30th March

Belle tries to scupper Rishi’s plans to buy the Dingles’ as she shows him round the house, pointing out false concerns including various graves in the garden. When Lisa realises what she’s up to, she makes it clear to her daughter how selfish she is being - already grumpy after receiving her decree nisi through the post. Back at the factory, Joanie advises Belle that she needs to grow up as Lisa needs her support. (blah!)

Cain catches Holly taking money from a customer and demands she hands it over. She’s thwarted when he says that he knows about Dean wanting more cash and warns her that she needs him and her mum onside. At the same time, Charity is surprised when Moira has a proposal for her.

Thursday 31st March

Liv gets on the wrong side of Chas

Chas is suspicious to see drawers have been rummaged through and Noah tells her it was Liv. Over at the shop, Liv is having an argument with David over the cost of things and starts throwing fruit at him (pineapple guest star). Aaron catches her and gives David his money back. However, Chas is not pleased and makes a suggestion that stuns them both.

As Chas makes a suggestion that stuns both Aaron and Liv, a decision rests in the stressed out brother’s hands.

Chas makes her feelings about the troublesome teen very clear to son Aaron.  However, despite his siblings bad behaviour, the loyal livesy lad (say quick 5 times) is determined to let Liv stay with him, unaware that she’s been texting Gordon

Vics party - Robert and Adam drinking game :o)

Chrissie and Andy are enjoying their risky trysts, but Victoria makes life difficult by trying to play matchmaker with Tracy and Andy during her birthday party in the pub.

Cain tricks Holly into getting in the back of the van. He then locks her in and tells her to ring Dean, as they’re setting him up.

On a secluded road, they’re soon joined by Dean. Cain offers him a deal, if he stays away from Holly. Will it work, or will Cain’s plan backfire?

Cain attacks a henchman. Holly is devastated as Dean drives off, but is astonished to realise that Cain has a further plan.  

Later, Cain pulls up near a bus stop and tells Holly to go and to never come back. However, will Holly regain the upper hand when she threatens to tell Moira what happened between them today?

Meanwhile, Belle cuts her hand on some broken glass at the factory. As Dr Bailey attends to her, she inflates her role in the business and skirts around the truth when it comes to her age. Dr Bailey is clearly impressed with her, but is he treading dangerous waters? / The attraction is mutual when Belle grows infatuated with Dr Bailey (wtf)

Friday 1st April

Liv proves to be more of a handful than Aaron predicted

Aaron decides Liv is going to stay with him, but she is conflicted when she gets a text from Gordon. They meet and Gordon manipulates information from her, before she agrees to find him further proof (of Robert paying Ryan). Later, Robert is unnerved by Liv’s questions. As Robert explains his worries to Aaron, Liv secretly listens in, recording the conversation. Will Robert let slip about Ryan?

Liv is pushed once more by Gordon to keep digging and Robert becomes unnerved by her constant questions.

Thinking he and Aaron are alone, he is finally able to talk more frankly and begins discussing his fears over Ryan, the boy he paid to make allegations against Gordon. As sneaky Liv overhears and begins recording the conversation, is the entire trial about to collapse?

After manipulation from Gordon Liv secretly records Robert and Andy... (you would think Soap Life could spot the difference by now?)

Moira is still incredulous that Holly never told her at the time she had relapsed. Holly explains how she got clean again and promises not to let Moira down, but can she stay true to her word?

Week 14 (4th - 8th April)

Monday 4th April

Liv ends up feeling guilty when she overhears Aaron telling Chas that they can trust her.  Having second thoughts, Liv goes to see Gordon and announces their arrangement is off.  Angered by his daughters disloyalty, Gordon’s dark side reappears and he snaps. (guessing Friday - if not Monday)

Liv feels guilty when she overhears Aaron telling Chas they can trust her. She tells Gordon that she believes Aaron and doesn’t want to help him anymore. Gordon becomes dark and snaps at Liv.

When Liv returns home upset, she drops herself in it when she mentions Ryan. Aaron is furious when he realises that Liv has been spying on them for Gordon, but his anger turns to worry when Liv runs away. Aaron bravely goes to confront Gordon, but what will Liv do with her recording?

Meanwhile, Chrissie thinks Bernice is jealous of her fling with Andy, but Bernice agrees to stay quiet about the fling. Bernice finds Andy’s watch and tells Lawrence that it’s Robert’s, but will her secrecy backfire?

Following her argument with Gordon, tearful Liv returns to the pub, but drops herself in it with Aaron when she mentions Ryan.  Realising Liv has been spying on him, Aaron’s in bits… But his anger turns to worry when Liv does a runner back to Gordon, Aaron races to rescue her from his clutches.  What will happen when he comes face to face with his evil father again?

Aaron is furious to discover Liv has been spying on him for Gordon  / Aaron’s angry when he realises Gordon’s been using Liv… and goes to see Gordon himself

Liv goes on the run and Aaron confronts Gordon when he discovers she taped his and Roberts Conversation

Liv will be on side on 4th of April

Lawrence gets the wrong idea / Bernice finds Andy’s watch and tells Lawrence it’s Roberts but will her secrecy backfire? / Lawrence thinks Andy Bedded Bernice

Holly enjoys being flirtatious with Cain

Tuesday 5th April

Robert is horrified to learn from Andy that he’s been seeing Chrissie. But it’s not Robert that Andy needs to worry about, as Lawrence makes a secret call…

Robert is also shocked to hear that Liv has a recording of him and wants to go to the police before she can. It’s too late, as DS Wise suddenly arrives and Robert worries he’s jeopardised Aaron’s case.

Rob’s stressed out when he discovers Liv has a recording of him admitting the truth about Ryan, and is determined to get to the police before the sneaky schoolgirl.  Unfortunately it’s to late - as DS Wise arrives, Mr Sugden is terrified his illegal deal will ruin things for Aaron (happy he is worried for Aaron and not himself).  Could the case against Gordon collapse before the trial has started? (I don’t think Liv hands the recording in - but just a guess)

As DS Wise arrives, is Robert about to make a terrible mistake and destroy the entire case against Gordon?

Robert fears he’s ruined Aaron’s case against Gordon and is thrown when he learns Andy and Chrissie are a couple - but his brother isn’t Andy’s only problem (busy day for poor Robert)

Robert’s horrified to learn from Andy he’s been seeing Chrissie but it’s not Robert whom Andy needs to worry about as an angry Lawrence makes a call!  (thugs beat up Andy)

Andy tells Bernice that he and Chrissie are going to be honest with Lawrence about their relationship, but Lawrence interrupts them and immediately gets the wrong idea.

Wednesday 6th April

When Robert and Aaron go out to a pub for a drink together, Aaron is crestfallen when all Robert can do is rant about Chrissie and Andy – could Robert still be holding a torch for his ex wife or is it more the case that he just finds it weird her being with his brother?

Victoria is incredulous to learn that Robert and Aaron have gone for a drink together, but Aaron is feeling sidelined as a jealous Robert only talks about Andy and Chrissie

But the date isn’t much fun for Aaron who has to listen to Robert yapping on about Andy and Chrissie. Chrissie, meanwhile, believes Robert was behind the attack on Andy.

Chrissie becomes convinced that Robert was behind Andy’s attack.

Moira is shocked to find Andy battered and slumped in the road and calls an ambulance.

When Lawrence sees Chrissie cradling an injured Andy, will the penny drop that he’s got it wrong? And will his involvement be exposed?

Lachlan encourages Gabby to lie

Moira finds Andy lying badly beaten in the street - and

Chrissie mistakenly believes that Robert’s jealousy drove him to attack his brother

. Lachlan pushes Gabby into lying, and Jacob is not happy about the pressure he puts on her.

Victoria is less than pleased when Robert and Aaron go for a drink together

, while Zak is equally put out to learn that Joanie is going to be working in the office with Rishi.

Thursday 7th April

The drama unfolds in the wake of Lawrence hiring thugs to teach Andy a lesson, having wrongly assumed that he is having an affair with Bernice when in fact he is actually seeing Chrissie. As Andy is left in a terrible state, Robert figures out that Lawrence was the one responsible and is soon blackmailing him.

When Chrissie later discovers the truth, she is horrified and angrily tells her dad that he is no different to Robert. As recent events get on top of him, Lawrence suffers a cardiac arrest and collapses to the ground in agony.

Fighting for breath, Lawrence panics and could be on the edge of death – which is when Robert walks in.

A nasty attack could mean no way back, while the culprit’s future fades to black. But whose morals no longer lack?

Robert figures out that Lawrence was behind the attack and threatens to use it against him. Chrissie is shocked to realise that her dad was the one who hired the thugs and Lawrence is devastated when Chrissie compares him to Robert.

Lawrence suddenly sinks to the floor in the middle of a cardiac arrest, alone and panicking. Robert arrives, but will he help Lawrence or leave him to die?

Bernice is rocked when Chrissie tells her that Lawrence was behind Andy’s attack.

Later, Chrissie comes across an old letter from Ronnie Hale. Keen to find out if he could be her real dad, Chrissie looks him up on a search engine and it’s clear she’s not letting this go.

Friday 8th April

Lisa is heartbroken to see something distressing in the pub (Zak proposing)

Belle kisses Dr Bailey

Chrissie confides in Andy about how Ronnie could be her father.

Week 15 (11th -15th April) Trial week

Aaron: All Week

Robert: All Week.

Trial starts on the Tuesday and ends in Fridays episode.

Monday 11th April

Lisa confides in Marlon

Tuesday 12th April

Chas supports Aaron (ya think?!?)

Wednesday 13th April

Gordon’s trial continues

Paddy gives a warning to Robert about not messing things up for Aaron.

Thursday 14th April

Will Aaron agree to give things another go? (Robron, after Robert takes the stand?)

Robert holds Aarons hand at the trial.

Robert holds one hand, Chas the other

Liv faces a dilemma

Chrissie plays with fire

Vanessa gives Rhona some home truths

Liv makes a decision

Rhona is determined

Friday 15th April

Aaron awaits news from court

Rhona gives Paddy an ultimatum

Lisa is horrified

Week 16 (18th - 22nd April)

Sad spoiler for Aaron

22nd April Roberts b-day but he isn’t in friday :o(

Aaron: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Robert: Monday, Wednesday.

Week 17 (25th - 29th April)

Week 17 no Aaron or Robert (maybe on holiday together

Week 18 ( 2nd May - 6th May)

Aaron: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Robert: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Robert/Charity.. Robert/Adam.. Robert/Aaron.. Robert/Pete.

What Next

History starts to repeat itself when someone who’s been violent in the past lashes out again..But who is it? (Gordon?)

G’s Trial

Aaron is first witness

Gordon’s in court and poor Aaron’s got to face his abuser, but his dad denies ever hurting him.  Can Aaron stay strong and convince the jury, or will Gordon walk free?

The week of the trial there is some Robert/Chrissie/Andy stuff and there is some Aaron pushing Robert away stuff. And obviously some trial stuff. And some Aaron/Liv stuff.

Robert won’t get into trouble at the trial

Gordon’s court case starts… Will Chas mess things up for Aaron? (chas?)

Aaron’s self-harming comes from the terrible things Gordon did to him, if Gordon’s found not guilty could Aaron decide his life is not worth living(from soap life though)

‘Aarons made it clear to everyone he wants his father dealt with by the courts.. But will he still feel the same way if the courts decide Gordon has no case to answer and set him free? We think not’

“As Gordon’s trial begins, vulnerable Aaron finds himself leaning on Robert - but is the bad boy good for him?”

Aaron struggles to cope as both Sandra and Liv take the stand. Will he let Robert support him? And what will the verdict be?

'will Robert be there in Aaron’s hour of need?’

Cain mentions how much robron is spending together to Chas

He asks her if she is happy with them spending time together etc.

Her answer is.. She is happy that Aaron has something to take his mind off things

Liv testifys against Gordon in court

“Robert tells Aaron he is there for him whatever happens but will Aaron agree to give things another go?”

“will Aaron let Robert support him" 

New Dingle possibly Cain and Chas’ mum Faith (Aarons granny!)  - *+*+*+Confirmed finally*+*+*+

Aaron’s sister will challenge their relationship because she and Robert won’t get on and will be competing for Aaron’s affections

Liv sticking around in the village full time with Aaron will be explained after the trial.

Friday May 13th possibly Robron kiss in the backroom of the pub  (6 weeks after DM’s rehearsal tweet

Cain’s tested on where his loyalties really lie

June Stunt

Priya, Rakesh, Lawrence and Nicola

one with home farm connections to go in June

October Thriller (The Big Chill/Final Destination)

 Cain, Moira, Holly, Adam, Victoria