chrissy brown

I feel like This Is Us is going to be the new Pretty Little Liars. Like we will be on season 80 waiting to see if on this week's episode we find out how Jack dies.

“I’m going to order 36 more episodes of the show: two years of 18 episodes.”
- Jennifer Salke (President of NBC Entertainment) (x)


“To understand what our show is, it’s like, ‘Man, we all live life. We all have our ups, we all have our downs. We all experience it differently.’ So with that, we can all connect to a show that’s about an emerging family, a woman battling something that she has a problem with personally, a man connecting with a lost loved one, a young man struggling to find meaning in his work—I think that’s what’s so great about this show: It is for everyone. There is no separation between gender or race or age or weight, sexual preferences, anything, nothing. It’s human beings.“