chrissy boot

Chrissie Shrimpton presents an mini outfit and boots from the collection of Ossie Clark and Alice Pollock on the base of the statue of Charles II at Frith Street on April 14, 1967 in London, United Kingdom.

Obsessed (Part 1)

Summary: The one where Lachlan has an obsession with Aaron instead of Alicia.


It’s happened for the fourth time that same week.

‘The car’s playing up again,’ Chrissie complains, walking into the living-room where her family currently are. She gives a small huff of annoyance before sitting down on the two-seater sofa beside Robert, who appears to not have heard a word his wife has just said, being a little too occupied with his mobile phone.

'That’s the fourth time this week,’ her father, Lawrence, grumbles from the armchair in the corner, now folding up the newspaper he had been reading. He lays it down on the arm of the chair and looks rather confused. 'Why on earth does this keep happening?’

'Search me,’ Chrissie sighs in frustration, having taken about all she can take with her car, 'but it’s getting bloody ridiculous now,’ she adds. 'I’ve got a meeting at five and no car to get me there.’

'Take Robert’s,’ Lawrence suggests. 'I’m sure he won’t be needing it.’

'Says who?’ Robert speaks, now looking up, though his phone remains in front of him.

'Oh, Dad, I can’t keep relying on Robert’s car every time my one’s having difficulties,’ Chrissie says, biting her lip in thought. 'I just wish I knew what’s wrong with it, otherwise we’ll have to buy a new one.’

'We’ve spent far too much money on the ones we already have,’ Lawrence replies. 'There’s no way we can afford another just like that; we’re rich, not stupid.’

Chrissie simply accepts this, sinking back into her chair.

'I can call Aaron for you,’ Lachlan suddenly pipes up from where he’s seated in front of the television. The game he was currently playing is now forgotten about.

'That’s the only option we have, I guess,’ Chrissie agrees, a pathetic shrug of her shoulders to follow. She’s not really liking the idea of calling the same mechanic out four times in one week, but she realises she doesn’t really have a choice if she wants to make it to her all-important meeting on time.

'That poor boy’s been out three times already,’ Lawrence says, sympathetically frowning. 'He must think we enjoy wasting his time.’

Robert steps in, 'Lawrence is right, for once.’

'Right, and what do you two suggest I do?’ Chrissie snaps, looking from her husband to her father, waiting for an answer she full-well knows neither of them have. 'It’s the only option I have,’ she continues after a few seconds of silence. 'Besides, it’s his job, isn’t it?’

Robert and Lawrence have no other words to argue with.

'Great.’ Lachlan stands up before either Robert or Lawrence think of a response to change Chrissie’s mind. He drops his controller carelessly to the ground. 'I’ll go call him.’

Chrissie smiles as her son makes her way towards the door. 'Thanks, Lucky.’

'Lachlan, hold up-’ Robert stops in mid-sentence of trying to stop his stepson from rushing out the door. But he sees the kid has now vanished and is most probably dialling Aaron’s number, which he surprisingly knows off-by-heart.

* * *

Not even an hour later, there’s a sharp knock at the door.

'I’ll get it,’ Lachlan calls, emerging from the living-room. He dashes through the passage in an attempt to catch the door before anyone else does. In success, he flashes a grin and pulls the door wide open, revealing local mechanic, Aaron Livesy in his blue overalls, which he wears as his garage uniform.

'Hey,’ Lachlan greets, playing it off coolly.

Aaron nods in reply, looking over Lachlan’s shoulder. 'Your mum about?’

'Yeah, come in,’ Lachlan offers, stepping to the side.

Aaron walks past Lachlan and drops his tools down on the tiled-flooring while Lachlan closes the door behind him. Aaron then looks around, the house seeming to be very empty. He frowns in confusion, ready to question the young boy about his mother’s whereabouts.

Thankfully, Chrissie chooses that moment to come down from the staircase.

'Aaron,’ she sighs in relief as she approaches him, 'thank God you’re here.’

'No worries,’ Aaron replies. 'Fixing cars - it’s what I do.’

'Right,’ Chrissie says, 'let’s hope we’re lucky the fourth time around.’

Aaron nods in agreement, 'I reckon I’m beginning to know this place like the back of me hand.’

Chrissie laughs at that, not realising Lachlan’s eyes are now narrowing at the scene in front of him as the jealousy burns. He knows Aaron is completely gay and has no interest in his mother whatsoever, but he can’t help feeling as though she still has a better chance of winning Aaron over than he does.

'I really should apologise, Aaron,’ Chrissie begins shortly after, sighing as she does. 'I haven’t got a clue what’s going on with it.’

'It happens,’ Aaron tells her, shrugging.

'Well, it’s out the back for when you’re ready,’ Chrissie says kindly. 'Would you like a brew before you get started?’

'Nah, I’ll just get on with it,’ Aaron declines, picking his tool box up. He feels awkward as it is, just being in the same room as his secret-lover’s wife, but to sit and have tea with her will be completely crossing the line and he wouldn’t be able to get over the guilt so easily.

'Right. I’ll be in my office if you need anything,’ Chrissie offers, giving Aaron one last smile before heading off in the direction she came from.

'I’ll show you to the car,’ Lachlan says, opening the front door.

'There’s no need,’ Aaron assures, the last thing he wants is a kid following him around like a lost puppy. He walks past Lachlan, giving the kid a small nod as he does. After hearing the front door close, Aaron assumes Lachlan has gone back inside, so he makes the short journey round the back of the house.

Little does he know, creepy Lachlan is right on his heels.

* * *

Aaron has had his head stuck in the boot of Chrissie car for the time of twenty long minutes.

He’s so focused on wanting to get the job finished as soon as possible before a certain blond lad sees him that he doesn’t notice Lachlan’s eyes fixed on him, watching his every movement. The couple of times Aaron has looked up though, and has caught Lachlan’s eyes, he’s put it down as Lachlan having an interest in being a mechanic. Boy, is he wrong as fuck.

After a few short minutes, Lachlan breaks the silence around them, 'How long have you known?’

Aaron doesn’t even look up and continues to work on the car when replying, 'Known what?’

'You wanted to become a mechanic,’ Lachlan says, and Aaron is relieved because for a second there, he thought Lachlan was randomly bringing up his sexuality; he’s re-lives that story far too many times and he’d rather not go over it with a kid he barely knows.

So Aaron simply shrugs. 'You don’t get offered much opportunity with a criminal record,’ he explains bluntly. He has now turned away from the car and his bending down at his tool box.

'So being a mechanic was never the plan?’ Lachlan questions, genuinely interested in the older boy’s life.

'I ain’t fussed, mate.’ Aaron pulls out a wrench from amongst his tools and stands back in front of the vehicle. 'Besides,’ he continues, 'it’s about the only thing I’m good at so who am I to complain.’

'I’m sure that’s not true.’ The words have left Lachlan’s mouth before he has a chance to stop them, unable to control it after hearing Aaron putting himself down.

'Yeah, and what would you know?’ Aaron snaps, eyes locked angrily with Lachlan’s sympathetic ones. 'You don’t know anything about me.’

There’s a few moments of silence where Aaron is staring at Lachlan and Lachlan is staring at Aaron, until Aaron decides to break the stare with a shake of his head to carry on working with the car.

'Maybe I know you more than you think.’ Again, he just can’t stop the word-vomit and has no control in what his mind and emotions are telling him to say.

Aaron pauses, now looking up, his expression holding something which looks like a warning, telling Lachlan to shut his mouth before he regrets it.

Before he has a chance to, another person is joining the scene.

It’s Robert. Of course.

He’s approaching the boys with his hands fitted tightly into his trouser pockets. A smirk tugs at the corner of his lips, seeing the nerves Aaron is carrying with him, before his gaze turns on Lachlan.

'Your mum wants you inside,’ he speaks.

'What for?’ Lachlan replies, seeming irritated by the interruption.

'Go find out,’ is all Robert says.

Lachlan groans, rolling his eyes because all he wants to do is watch Aaron doing his thing with cars all day. 'See you, Aaron,’ he sighs, then disappears around the corner.

'That kid’s a right weirdo,’ Aaron mutters after seeing Lachlan go out of sight. His eyes now land on Robert.

'Don’t I get a thank you?’ Robert asks, finding himself a lot closer to Aaron than he was before, a cheeky smile on his face.

'Yeah? For what?’ Aaron replies.

'For saving you,’ Robert smirks. 'Things would’ve gotten so much uglier if I hadn’t come by.’

'I can handle Chrissie’s freak of a son,’ Aaron assures before continuing his work on the car.

What with the long pause which follows, Aaron isn’t sure if Robert is till there or not.

'And can you handle me?’ Robert is now standing behind Aaron, his hands on the younger boy’s waist, causing him to jump a little.

Aaron refuses to let it get to him and ignores the hands that are touching him, the fact that Robert’s front is pressed hardly onto his back, and that Robert is leaning down to place warm kisses on Aaron’s neck.

'Can you?’ Robert whispers into Aaron’s ear hotly and Aaron shivers, dumbly dropping the wrench onto a pipe.

'Look what you made me do,’ Aaron groans, only for Robert to chuckle at him.

'Now you’ve dropped that, how about you drop your pants for me too?’ Robert suggests, his hands snaking further down Aaron until they reach his clothed crotch.

'I’m working,’ is all Aaron says before removing Robert’s hands from his waist. He turns around, now face to face with the older boy he’s been hoping to avoid. 'And you’re forgetting your missus can walk around that corner at any moment.’

'Good point,’ Robert agrees. He briefly checks the pathway is clear before bending down the short distance to capture Aaron’s lips with his. His hands automatically go up to caress Aaron’s cheeks and Aaron does his usual and rests his hands on Robert’s shoulders which eventually leads to either taking his clothes off or to his waist. But at this point it time, it looks like neither, as the kiss is only a few seconds long and right on Robert’s doorstep - literally.

When Robert pulls away, he drags Aaron’s bottom lip with him. 'Scrapyard tomorrow, half nine. Make sure you’re there.’ He gives his secret lover one final peck before walking off in the direction Lachlan had gone in, Aaron watching him until he’s no longer in view.

He sighs and picks the wrench back up, getting on with the task he’d be set, though he sees no point.

Being a well-trained mechanic means Aaron can tell someone has tampered with the car, just like the other three times.

It means someone clearly wants him around.