chrissy b


“I’m going to order 36 more episodes of the show: two years of 18 episodes.”
- Jennifer Salke (President of NBC Entertainment) (x)

To say that things between Christian and Ryan were complicated would be an understatement. It’s surprising one of them doesn’t have whiplash by now with all the back and forth. Ryan was really unsure where they stood. The  last time they spoke, well there wasn’t much talking happening. Their meet ups always ended up in some sort of sexual act. Ryan was sort of sick of it and scared to get too close again. The last time Christian had to leave it broke Ryan’s heart, he was lost. Ryan saw Christian at the fair, but immediately turned the other way as a result of being too anxious to talk to the other boy. Against his better judgement he decided to send Christian a simple hey over text message. @christianblythe