10+ Year Relationships.

I will never understand why people will stay in a relationship over 10 years without getting married. Likeeeeeee unless we were together since grade school, I’m not waiting for your ass.

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Take Jim and Chrissy pathetic excuse of a relationship for example.

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They’re never getting married. I don’t care, I don’t care. Jim stay selling Chrissy a dream & of course her dumb ass keeps falling for it. It’s clear that he loves her but doesn’t want to marry her. I understand it hurts because y'all been together for so long and y'all grew together but it comes a point in time when it’s time to let go.

Personally, I believe that a man knows he wants to marry his woman within the first year. I also believe that it takes at least two years to really get to know someone in order to know that they’re the one God wants you to marry. My time limit will be 3 years. If he don’t have your shit together, I’m out and if it’s meant to be then God will make it happen. Until then, I’ll continue to work on myself and my empire until my future husband comes.