Back in the beginning of 2013 I flew to Australia to hang with Mick Fanning before the first contest of the year. At that time the east coast was hit with a massive cyclone flooding roads, closing businesses and stranding thousands of people. While everyone bunkered down, we went in search of waves and ended up at this pretty epic sandbar. #byronbay #australia #SURFERphotos #chrisstraley

For Day 5 of the #blackandwhitechallenge I am submitting this image I shot of Benji Weatherly and little buddy for Transworld Surf in 2005 or so. Benji is one of the coolest guys that will leave you on the floor laughing your ass off for hours. Love this guy. I would like to challenge @davehillphoto if he is up to the challenge #benjiweatherly #Transworldsurf #littlebuddy #chrisstraley