some post: hey this anime series is good but sometimes it treats its female characters rather unfairly. heres a small explanation of the times when the women are underdeveloped, underrepresented, or reduced to jokes about their sexual appeal.

some reply: oh-ho, you say this now OP, but wait until the One Arc where there’s One Female Villain who’s competent :^), you’ll be eating your words. also you forget, the girl has to be sexy because her power, Big Sexy Power, makes her more powerful the more sexy she is :^) yes the male author definitely had to make it that way. it makes a lot of sense. also yes the female characters are forced to constantly flaunt their bodies in front of the public but remember? this one male character does not wear a shirt? sexism where? :^^)

my mom’s not up to speed on how like internet and social media work but she does have this one video on youtube and she likes to watch its viewcounter and tell me how many views its at 

and its this video of my little bro from when he was like 2 trying to make a basketball shot from mid court. except every time he shoots it the ball goes about 6 inches but this doesnt strike him as a problem apparently

he just keeps going for it

I went to laser tag last night as part of a Microsoft intern event and we all had to choose a code name to go by for the scoreboard

And let me tell you real Programmer Nerd Culture is having your team get their Entire Ass kicked by guy whose code name is Kirito.