Chrissi says:

Part 2 of the little TTSG/My genderation colab is live.

If any of you missed it, part one is >here<

Some of my friends over at my genderation and I got a chatting about some of of the questions on this blog.

So, we decided to team up and answer some of the frequently asked questions that we get day to day.

This is the result, an 8ish part video series,and it ends up being really helpful, because you get three different perspectives on the same question.
The first of which is on Fox’s channel, and the second is be on mine, and we will alternate.

If your question hasn’t been answered on the blog yet, it may be worth checking this, because it may have be super answered on the video.

So have a watch and tell me what you think…

Also, if you have time, check out the My Genderation channel, all of you will love it.

plumburn asked:

So I noticed there was a fence surrounding the entire plaza in Splatoon. If the Inklings are the good guys, why are they all fenced in. The jellyfish can get out but squids can't? What even is this nonsense? I feel like there's something big we're missing.

There are no inklings past the fence. even in turf wars (which take place around the city), the only things watching are jellyfish. It kinda makes me think that you aren’t *supposed to get out, but why would they trap the squids? Didn’t we *just restore power to the city? And why are the cities (supposedly in other counties) EXACT COPIES OF THE SAME PLAZA?!?

I could be a bum and call video game logic and say that blue jelly blobs are easier to program and they gotta keep us inbounds somehow but if we really wanna theorize ( or find conspiracies lol) i’d say maybe it’s to help keep inkling stay where they’re supposed to be, (they are technically ~14) so i guess the city and matches are designed in way to make sure they don’t get lost in such a huge place, you don’t want one poor lost and confused inkling accidentally wandering off the turf war map and aimlessly inking away. And why they’re not outside is maybe cuz they’re all too busy participating in their own turf war matches?  

Or maybe the jellyfish are the master race
Never Was Yours - Amy2023 - Emmerdale, robron [Archive of Our Own]
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Series: Part 2 of This Is Gospel

Moving on isn’t always as easy as it seems

Chapter two is finally here! :)