chriss pratt


“watcha listnin too?” Peter asked.

 “something old.” you stated. 

he rolled his eyes and took off your head phones, putting them on. his eyes grew wide and he had the biggest, most childlike smile ever. he took the ear phones off and plugged your phone in to a chord, then your music was blasting through the ship.

 Peter grabbed your hand, making you dance with him, “god i love this song!” he grinned, “had no idea you were into this stuff.” 


(Single!Chris Pratt sort of but still yeah, you know the drill)

“So tell me, how was it working with (Y/n)?” the interviewer asked.

Chris glanced at you for a second and then looked back at the interviewer “Great. I can tell you for sure. I mean, I’m not saying this because she’s here or my wife and will probably kill me later at home if I say otherwise- ow.” he interrupted himself to groan slightly as you hit his shoulder playfully “See, that’s what I mean” he added and you playfully glared at him.

“Anyway, yeah I’m not telling this because she’s here because well, everybody already knows it but she is a great actress. Honestly. As much of a great wife. But well, even though I had had the pleasure to work with her in the past this time it was much better.” he said and you nodded with a small smile, looking down at your hands; truly feeling the same way.

“But really, amazing. That is honestly the only way I can describe it. We had so much fun, we always do, but believe me this is the first time- the first time after such a long time of acting that I looked forward to going on set every morning more than anything else!” he added with a chuckle and you laughed slightly as well.

“Fantastic, fantastic indeed” he added in a low voice with a small nod.

The interviewer nodded as well “And what about the fact that (Y/n)’s character also happened to be Owen’s, your character’s, love interest?” he asked.

“Uh that- that was certainly something interesting. I mean, I got the chance for extra kisses so hey, I’m not complaining! Besides, she looked so badass with the Raptors that I could hardly keep my hands off of her! Not that I ever stop, but still…” Chris said with a small laugh and shrugged, trailing off.

You shook your head with a laugh but nodded nonetheless “That is true!” you pointed out.

“Yes, but I’m telling you at some point I honestly freaked out!” Chris added.

“When? Why?” the interviewer asked.

“Well, we were shooting that scene and- (Y/c/n), (Y/n)’s character, was like glaring at Owen while petting the Raptors and he of course was all flirty and trying to seduce her and then she goes like ‘You say something like that again, and I’m not going to stop them from eating you’ and she motioned to the Raptors and my eyes, I’m telling you, widened and I just stared at her in shock. And- and I was like ‘(Y/n) is that you baby?’ because really I thought we had stopped shooting!” he took in a breath and continued.

“And honestly it was so scary because I realized then that that’s what they talk about when they say deja vu! I honestly felt like I was years back to when I first met her! I fell head over heels in love with her ever since the first second but she was like playing hard to get and pretending not to be interested. And- and I tried to use a pick up line on her and she had that glare on her face and said ‘You say something like that again, and I’m not going to stop them from eating you’ and she had motioned to the lions close to her. We were at a zoo that first time.” he finished.

“Chris!” you exclaimed with an embarrassed laugh “I hate him” you added with another chuckle and shake of your head, hiding yourself behind your hands.

“I love you too, honey” he said.

Jurassic world/avengers fan art by the mighty ANDY PARK!!