Friday Compressed day off.

Dropped little man at school. Came home, ate. Got my stuff and hit the gym for My W2D4 9 miles.  9 miles/14.4km 1:14   Pace: 8:13mile/5:05KM  

Left the Gym and we got a huge heat wave today! 24F  Window down, T-shirt. Chris Style.

And FlashBack Friday Circa 1983ish..  

Same line-up…different order…where are the BF and Danielle???

Tumblr Crushes:

Tumblr Crushes:

It’s official.  I have 3 people fighting to remove the 4th person from his reign on my crush list. Ya’ll need to start posting more witty things!  Although Smit does deserve a little more love considering he had a GNOME ON HIS BLOG.  The way to my heart: GNOMES and cats 

Each and every one of these people deserve to be followed as they are amazing, wonderful, and doing some spectacular things in life. <3

Thank you guys! 4 Things Saturday

carolynruns replied to your post: lostweightgainedlove replied to your post: GOOD…

I’m heading out for a long(ish) run soon as well. Good luck to you!

chrisrunsandoeslife replied to your photo: Recovery— ice bath, peanut butter and banana…

BAD ASS! And the run too :)

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zeenes replied to your photo: Recovery— ice bath, peanut butter and banana…

Good job! You’re awesome!

puka2018 replied to your photo: Recovery— ice bath, peanut butter and banana…

way to go Nava!! 11 miles thats awesome. Well deserved icebath and sandwich.

lostweightgainedlove replied to your photo: Recovery— ice bath, peanut butter and banana…

You are awesome. Id rather do another 11 before an icy bath

Thanks everyone!  Ya’ll’s comments really made me smile (and all of the likes!). And usually my peanut butter & banana sandwich is pre-run, but considering I did my run a few hours after lunch, I didn’t need fuel (when I do my runs first thing in the morning I usually have my sandwich).

And I’ve become accustom to an ice bath, which oddly, makes me feel relaxed and helps a lot with the recovery–especially when I’m dripping in sweat from the heat outside.  Needless to say, I’m going to miss them, as odd as that sounds.

4 Things Saturday:

1. Ran 11 miles, 3 hill repeats, in hot temperatures. I even got a few remarks from some people on the trail.  I caught up with a family 3 times as they were biking and taking breaks.  It was nice to see the whole family out (grandparents, parents, 3 kids–WITH HELMETS!).  And saw two guys on bicycles at some point, not at the same time, and both said hi to me.  But the highlight was the first guy I ran into.  Couldn’t be much older than me, and we ended up doing hill repeats together.  Well, hill=trail ramp.  I was just starting my 2nd mile when I saw him and made a remark “Hill repeats, huh?  That sucks." His response ”Yeah, need to push them in training to get stronger.“  Me: ”Mind if I join?  I have a half next weekend and rumor has it that the first 6 miles are killer hills.“  His response: ”Sure, I’m keeping a slow pace though, have to keep some in the tank for the 5 mile run home.“ And there you have it ladies and gents.  I ran with someone doing hill repeats.  Sadly he’s just in town with some friends for spring break, so no future running partner. :(

2. Ate pretty spot on.  I tanked a bit towards the end of my day – 45 calorie fudge pop, yes please!  Heck, I earned it.  Loaded today with a bunch of processed carbs, but considering next week my diet is going to shift to carbs, most likely processed as I’ll be traveling, it’s safer to start now in my opinion.  Plus, I didn’t go way over board.

3. Recovery like a boss.  Got my ice bath, foam rolling, compression sleeved legs all nice and relaxed, with blister medication and socks on the feet.  I’ve noticed when the weather gets hotter, despite having toe socks (yes I invested in a few pairs), my feet still get blisters.  Doesn’t matter the shoe, it’s the weather that matters.

4. Finished my contributions to my group project (again) and 2 pages on the thesis.  I wanted 3, but I’ll take 2 at this point.  Anything is better than nothing.

Daily Miles: 11 miles

Daily Workout Minutes: 175 minutes

Weekly Miles: 26 miles

Weekly Workout Minutes: 553 minutes

Jumping Jacks: 250/180