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1. Is there a reason why your favourite colour is your favourite? Or do you just like that particular colour?

I’m fond of silver but not for any real reason. I just like it.

2. Got a favourite word?

My favorite word is epithalamium. Because nobody knows what it means.

3. Do you like vegetables? What’s your favourite one?

I accept the existence of peas and I like carrots, but other than that…I’m a fruit person.

4. If you could choose the colour of your eyes (and they could be ANY colour), what colour would they be?

I would steal my character Valentin’s eyes and therefore they would be green flecked with amber. He has excellent eyes.

5. What about your hair?

I’m blonde and I actually like being blonde so I would keep it.

6. Tell me about your pets. Don’t have any? Tell me about the pet you’d like to have.

I have a cat whose name is technically Cyan but I think we’ve all called her that a total of like 3 times. We call her Fuzzy instead. Or Fuzz-fuzz. And I make up random things to call her like “Schmuzzle” and “McFuzzy” and “Fuzzly” and whatever else jumps to mind.

Here she is sleeping:

7. What are your thoughts on plastic dishware?

I…I don’t know if I have thoughts on plastic dishware? It kind of seems like a waste, maybe.

8. Dining out or dinner at home?

At home because I’m too lazy to go out. I’m also cheap.

9. Do you prefer watching movies at the theatre or at home?

Hmm…both. I really love the theater experience, but like I already said, I’m cheap. Plus I feel more free to fangirl when I’m at home.

10. Tea or coffee? Neither? Both?

Neither. Bleh.

11. How do you like your potatoes? Baked? French fried? Raw?

Raw. Or in fry form. I really am not a potato person.

My Questions

  1. Do you have a favorite constellation?
  2. What’s your favorite fandom? (Not favorite series necessarily, but your favorite fandom to interact with.)

  3. What’s the first thing you ever googled?

  4. Tell me your otp.

  5. What’s your favorite book?

  6. Have you ever had to read The Most Dangerous Game for school? I am starting to suspect 90% of Americans have.

  7. Who is your favorite band? (Or singer, whichever.)

  8. What was (or is) your favorite subject in school?

  9. How do you feel about Batman?

  10. What’s your favorite animal?

  11. What’s the longest phone call you’ve ever had?