my tlos2 experience

basically I had a silver wristband because i’m a member and so we were first in line and we saw him come out and obviously i freaked out when he came out because he’s so gorgeous, but also because right behind him was Will. and he was recording his baby with chris’ phone and he was recording the crowd and chris kept looking back.

so when it was our groups turn i was basically shitting it cause i knew i was going to forget what i was going to say but i went up and basically the conversation went like this

Chris: hi sweetie.

me: hi there!

him: how are you?

me: oh i’m fine how are you?

and that chatter and i was shaking so much as i slid rose, marissa, and chelsea’s across the table and he was like 

“oh, what’s this?" 

me: my friends from arizona couldn’t make it so I offered tyo grab them copies 

him: oh that’s so sweet.

me: thank you! im so nervous right now i’ve met you three times and my hands are shaking.

him: oh don’t worry you’ve given me plenty of books to sign.

and i started freaking out because hello he remembers me and then alla pointed out chelsea’s card and it was basically like "dear diet coke, personally i think you overreacted a little bit, love mentos” and he started laughing so hard oh my god. and he saw marissa’s cat one and he’s like “He looks just like my cat” and i’m like “Yes, that’s probably why she chose it. she loves cats.” and he’s like “oh, i like her then.”

and then i slid my gift which was basically a pinnochio pin from disneyland and his face lit up just like when i gave him the chewbacca last year. 

him: oh my god this is so sweet. he looks just like me.

me: i know that’s why i chose it. it reminded me of you

him: thank you i love it you’re very sweet. 

me: no you are oh my god thank you.

him: thank you so much for coming out. 

and then i walked away ad as i was walking will smiled at me and i was just like “Hey i love your shoes,” and i waved and he was like “oh thank you so much” and he giggled and blushed and looked at chris before he looked down and i’m actually crying right now. 

and pictures are coming soon i can’t handle it 

I just want a really cute little fluffy chrill drabble where will is holding Chris’s hand at an after party and when he notices the cameras he lets go because Chris is a private person, but then Chris grabs his hand and is like “why’d you let go? I brought you here for a reason. I’m not hiding you anymore.” And will leans in and kisses him on the cheek and then Chris turns so that their lips meet for a brief second and sdvkjfdnvidfv scuds kk

okay so basically for people asking I saw Will at the SBL signing. it was at the end of the Q&A and we were all too emotional because Chris was there so we didn’t think to look at the aisle of the theatre and basically at the end when Chris went through the door this guy came up and started recording us I assume on his phone I didn’t know who this guy was I thought he was part of chris’ entourage or something, but then when everybody was making to stand up Ali (stberries) told me that it was disneyland boy (at that point nobody knew his name) and so we all freaked out and yeah. 

and basically that’s it. *u*