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Alexander Hamilton:

General (L/N)?

Coming Home

I Have So Much Work To Do

John Laurens:

Christmas-time is Here

If Home Is Where The Heart Is

If Home Is Where The Heart Is Pt. 2

Don’t Hate The Player

Law is Law

The Great Christmas Surprise

Love and Crime

Election of 2016

Magic Coffee


Language of Love

Night In

Drunk in Love

Thomas Jefferson:

Love Isn’t About Whether You Get Stabbed; It’s Whether The Knife Gets Turned

Love Isn’t About Whether You Get Stabbed; It’s Whether The Knife Gets Turned Pt. 2

Love Isn’t About Whether You Get Stabbed; It’s Whether The Knife Gets Turned Pt. 3

Love Isn’t About Whether You Get Stabbed; It’s Whether The Knife Gets Turned Pt. 4

Love Isn’t About Whether You Get Stabbed; It’s Whether The Knife Gets Turned Pt. 5

If That’s Love

Debate Club


Southern Belle

Happily Ever After


Hurt (Embarrassed? Pt. 2)

Philip Hamilton:

Forbidden Lovers

Love Doesn’t Discriminate

May Nothing But Death Do Us Part

He Obfuscates

Hamilton Doesn’t Hesitate (Unofficial Pt. of “He Obfuscates”)

I Don’t Say No To This

I Don’t Say No To This Pt. 2

I Don’t Say No To This Pt. 3

I Don’t Say No To This Pt. 4

I Don’t Say No To This Pt. 5



Better Off As Lovers

Anthony Ramos:

There’s A Moment You Know

There’s A Moment You Know Pt. 2

There’s A Moment You Know Pt. 3

Lin-Manuel Miranda:

Happy Ending

Usnavi, You Forgot Your Hat

Defenestrate Yourself

Daveed Diggs:


W*O*L*D Pt. 2

W*O*L*D Pt. 3

Jordan Fisher:

Blind Date

Iron Bowl

Thayne Jasperson:

“Is That My Shirt?”

Okieriete Onaodowan:

All Of Me

Peggy Schuyler:

Love is Love

Maria Reynolds:

Say No To This

The Reynolds Pamphlet (Say No To This Pt. 2)

Burn (Say No To This Pt. 3)

Some Drunken Mistake

Twelve Days of Christmas:

Day 1 Jasmine~Christmas in the City

Day 2 Alexander~But I Really Don’t Hate Christmas

Day 3 Hercules~All I Want For Christmas Is You

Day 4 Philip~Christmas With The Hamiltons

Day 5 Lin~I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Day 6 Alexander~First Christmas As A Family

Day 7 Lafayette~It’s The Thought That Counts

Day 8 Madison~Movie Night

Day 9 Hercules~Finals

Day 10 Laurens~Secret Santa

Day 11 Oak~Cookies

Day 12 Hamilsquad~Christmas Day


History Has Its Eyes On You

History Has Its Eyes On You Pt. 2

History Has Its Eyes On You Pt. 3

Hogwarts AU

Hogwarts Pt. 2

There May Be Something There That Wasn’t There Before

There May Be Something There That Wasn’t There Before x Pippa

There May Be Something There That Wasn’t There Before x Lin

There May Be Something There That Wasn’t There Before x Daveed

There May Be Something There That Wasn’t There Before x Oak

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Request: #11 Stefan and (y/n) gets a wake up call on Christmas by their children.

Warning: fluff


It was Christmas morning the sun wasn’t even up when both Stefan and (y/n)’s son ran into their room jumping up and down on the end of their bed shouting for them to wake up.

Stefan was the first to open up his eyes and sit up facing his son, “(S/n) can’t me and mommy rest for 5 more minutes?” Stefan playfully whined.

(S/n) shook his head at his father laughing with a bright smile on his face, “Nope now wake mommy up.”

“Oh trust me I’m already up.”

Stefan leaned over to kiss his wife but she quickly moved away from his lips, “I got morning breathe and so do you.”

Stefan chuckled at his wife’s choice of words, “Well let’s mix out morning breathe up together.”

To be honest (y/n) hadn’t wanted to kiss her husband because she knew morning sickness would be hitting her soon, it’s a surprise that Stefan hadn’t found out she was 1 months pregnant yet.

(Y/n) climbed out of bed and yawned placing a kiss on top of her son’s full head of hair, “So (s/n) gets a kiss but i don’t, mhm I see how it is now.”, Stefan said in a sassy tone.

“Right on time.”

(Y/n) mumbled to herself speed walking to the bathroom and closing the door to throw up, afterwards she flushed the toilet and brushed her teeth before heading out of the bedroom.

Making her way down stairs she saw her son’s face pressed up against the window watching window watching the snow.

“Who’s ready to open up presents?!” Stefan shouted excited.

(S/n) turned his attention to his father and shouted ‘Me!’ over and over again excitedly.

□■□■□■ time skip to Stefan’s last present □■□■□■

The happy Salvatore/(L/n) family was happy with the presents they all received from each other. Their son (S/n) had gotten a bike, race cars, a race track, light up sneakers and a drum set from Stefan, while (y/n) had gotten him a a remote control helicopter, a soccer ball, a couple of coloring books, along with a few new clothes.

Stefan had gotten a couple of hand drawn pictures of him and his family from (s/n) and a mug that read ‘best dad award’. Stefan smiled at his gifts his son had made and gotten him and placed a loving kiss on his forehead. His wife had gotten him a t-shirt which she said he couldn’t put on yet until the end a 4k carrot gold locket with a picture of him holding (s/n) when he was born and him and (y/n) on their wedding night, and a small box which his wife said he couldn’t open yet either.

(Y/n) had gotten the same thing as her husband a few hand drawn pictures of her and her family and a cup that read 'best mom award’. And Stefan had bought his wife a 4k diamond necklace that was shaped into a heart and had gotten her a picture frame of her and him one their first date, a 4k set of domain earrings and a 4k diamon ankle bracelet.

(Y/n) had told Stefan to close his eyes while putting on the shirt she got him and as he put it on (y/n) had gotten her phone out to record him.

“Open you’re eyes now.”

Stefan smiled at the camera in her hands and looked down at his shirt it had a picture of him than a plus sign with a picture of her with another plus sign and lastly a picture of (s/n) with a equal sign.

Stefan gave his wife a confused look as she said, “Open the box now.”

Stefan follwed his wife’s instructions and inside of the box was a preganacy test with a paper folded around it. He unfolded the paper and saw it was an ultra sound picture and on the pregnancy test was 2 plus signs.

“Really?!” He asked excitedly.

All (y/n) could do was nod her head happy tears in her eyes as Stefan rushed over to her and kissed her.

What a happy Christmas memory for the Salvatore/(L/n) family.

Christmas-time is Here (John x Reader)

TW: None?

Summary: Fluff. Christmas themed fluff


“John!” you call from the bottom of the stairs. “Can you help me bring these upstairs?”

Your fiancé walks down to help you carry a few of the boxes upstairs. The two of you finally get the boxes upstairs and start decorating for Christmas. Once the tree is put up, you light the lights and the fireplace while John makes hot chocolate for the two of you. He smiles as he sits next to you. He hands you your mug and pulls the blanket from the back of the couch and wraps it around your shoulders. You rest your head on his shoulder and sigh contently. He runs his fingers through your hair.

You start to drift off to sleep, while John whispers in your ear. “I love you so much, baby. More than you could ever imagine. You’re my everything.”

You smile and lean up to kiss him.

He blushes. “I thought you were sleeping.”

“I thought you were adorable.”

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Been on a proper pixel-art binge lately, so i decided to make another pokemon-themed christmas sweater, since you guys liked the last few i made. This time, the theme is Johto, my absolute fave region! Since the pun kinda only works with Ho Oh, i doubt i’ll make a Lugia one, unless i come up with some new hilarious pun to use! 

As always, its up in my Redbubble shop right just now