with a little help from a few friends i reached 500 followers today which is incredible but sort of inzayn?? i had this blog for about 4 months now and it’s just amazing how many friends i made already? so, to celebrate that i thought i would make a follow forever. and since i’m a person who never can decide on anything i thought i would include all my mutuals because i love you all a lot even if we never talked before!! i few peeps i’m a bit closer to and blogs i really like will be bold, so i guess there’s that! if for some reason i forgot you, it definitely was a mistake. i really tried to include everyone!! ♥

now enjoy the list of samicho (i swore to myself i wasn’t gonna make this joke but here we are)

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Why Japan Will Always be on Chris Jericho’s List - July 1st 2017.

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