So I was going through my closet and packing for a trip when I stumbled across a lot of my old wrestling outfits. Hahah hilarious right? For those people who don’t know, I spent a lot of time struggling behind the scenes to develop a persona and character. I debuted on a reality based elimination show with no wrestling experience and no “Character development” of any kind! It gave me the opportunity to create my own image… But it took me a very long time to realize my potential. I kept trying to fit a certain mold. I looked physically stronger and more muscular than most of the girls. Not to mention I was the farthest thing from being “girly”. So I struggled to develop a signature style for my wardrobe and for my wrestling technique. I used to wear outfits like this when I was working the non televised shows or the less popular shows all while working my way into main story lines. It wasn’t until I had a very important PPV match when I decided to just go with my gut and wear what I wanted to wear. I ended up making my PPV entrance in a pair of army green cargo pants and a ripped up black sports bra. It was a risk but it ended up being the best thing to happen to me. It was my own style and I came into this persona/character as I began to get more and more tv time. I started wearing combat boots and street clothes to wrestle and I felt like a complete badass. Moral of the story is to be who you want to be and take risks to pave your own path.