Hey tumblr family I need your help. But first I need to start with a confession. Whenever I see someone walking their dog I get this terrible bitterness deep in my soul and think “THEY get to walk their dog I wish *I* could walk MY dog!” I’m not proud to say that this happens on a daily basis. I thought things would be better/easier by now but they aren’t. I went to bed early tonight because it’s been a long day. Evy woke up (really)sick at 5:30 this morning (her first day of Spring Break!) and by the afternoon Ana wasn’t feeling well either. Throw in a quick trip to Orlando (Lizzie took over nursing duties for me- thanks Lizzie) and I was ready to call it a night. I actually slept for about an hour until a text woke me up (I’m looking at you, Johnny Cirillo). Since I was up I decided to check tumblr. And that’s when I saw it. The AMAZING necklace Chris had made for Angela. I loved it and thought it was the cutest thing. Of course it wasn’t long before my thoughts went to “I wish *I* could have a necklace of MY dog!” And that’s when it hit me…THAT’S WHEN I REALIZED I COULD!! I thought I could just go back to sleep and look for the perfect picture in the morning. That lasted about 20 seconds. I grabbed my computer and headed to the loft. I saw the two sickies and excitedly told them of my plan. Ana asked if looking at all his pictures would make it worse. I was too excited to think about that. Yes, I got a little teary and yes, it got WAY worse when I got to the puppy days with his little one ear up/one ear down thing he had going on. But I know it will be well worth it when I get to wear him around my neck every day. So here’s where you come in, tumblr family. There’s no way I could decide which pic to choose. I would love it if my necklace could be a group effort. I was leaning toward adult-Soldier and these were some of my favorites/ones I thought best suited for the size the painting will be. But then again, puppy-Soldier (post to follow) was so dang cute. Maybe I’ll need one of each? What do you guys think?