R.I.P to my big bruva Chris Thompson

November 23 was a sad day, no body wants to wake up and find out that their  brother is gone, This guy Chris was the best older brother man, he taught me everything I know, I looked up to him… he is the reason my blog is how it is. That dude Chris had such an impact on everybody he encountered guaranteed to make anybody laugh, even if he was mad he’ll make you laugh, and homie had one of the sickest shoe collections I’ve ever seen… but forreal man I miss you bro we all do and ima do my best to keep my head up for the fam, like you would want me to.

P.S. I figured out your password for midclassconspiracy… and ima put a song or two every now and then kid… R.I.P Bro.. I Love You Chris

P.P.S Im going to put your kicks in a shrine lol (: