‘The Queen of Hip-Hip’ - model: Chrishell Stubbs - photographer: Sebastian Faena - fashion editor/stylist: Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele - hair: Oribe - make-up: Lena Koro - manicurist: Honey - set designer: Anthony Asaro  - V Jan12

  • Calvin Klein Underwear tank - House of Dereon skirt - Seville Michelle Anastos earrings - Patricia Field rings & gloves - Kenneth Jay Lane chain necklaces & bracelets - CCD $H$T dollar chocker, gun & cross pendants - Vintage Louis Vuitton bag - Vintage Chanel belt

» Chrishell Stubbs as Hermione Granger
» Billy Vandendooren as Draco Malfoy

words flowing like venom
scorn dancing in your cold irises
pride has always been your weakness
the earth is  n o t   w o r t h y .

but I can see right through you
you’re scared, you’re broken
you’re fronting, you’re losing it
you’re a man, yet you are  j u s t   a   b o y .

right there, in front of me
limbs trembling, eyes shut and your mind gone to nowhereland
I know what you’ve done, can see the scarlet dripping from your hands
but who is left to claim to have never  s i n n e d  ?

Don't Leave
  Based off of Terria Chrishelle’s song, Don’t Leave
          I already felt the tears streaming down my cheeks. His expression was plain, no pain, no sorrow, nothing. His face was blank. He licked his lips then took a sip from his million dollar bottle of Ciroc. I don’t even know what to say anymore; it seems like everything I say makes him angry. I opened my mouth to say something but closed it immediately in fear of saying something wrong; I wiped away the tears off from chin only to have more tears pile down from my eyes.
“You’re not gonna say anything?” He asked flatly, taking another drink from the bottle.
I shook my head. “Nope. Why should I say anything if it’ll only make you more mad?”
He shrugged as if it was an answerable question.
“Seems like we’re not meant to be together.”
“Guess not.” He replied flatly, putting his feet up on the coffee table and turned on the T.V.
        I looked at him astonished; he’s not even going to say anything else? ‘Guess not.’ That’s it? Well, I guess that shows how much he cares about us. Well, I’m not going to be here anymore if I have no one that cares about me or us; I may sound like one of those girls who wants everyone to care about them, but isn’t that what all girls want? For their boyfriends or husbands to pay attention to them, care for them? I walked up the stairs to our room, well, now his room since I won’t be here any longer. I walked to the closet and pulled out my suitcase and threw it into the bed; I went to the dresser and pulled out all my clothes. I opened up the suitcase and stuffed ever piece of clothing I owned into it; tears blurred my vision every minute at the thought I was actually leaving Justin. But I have to do this for myself. I just need to get away from everything.
        I slipped on some shoes and a hoodie and pulled down my suitcase from the bed. I dragged it down the stairs and into the living room where Justin was still watching T.V and still sipping on his Ciroc. I grabbed my keys from the kitchen table and walked back into the living room.
“Where you going?” Justin asked, not taking his eyes off the T.V.
“Somewhere, not that you would care.” I said sticking my into the lock.
“Why do you have your suitcase?” I heard Justin ask, sounding like he was getting up.
“Think about it for a while Justin.”
I finally opened the door, but as soon as I did, it was closed again.
“No, you’re not leaving.”
“Why? I already have my things packed, Justin.”
“Why do you wanna leave me?” He asked, his eyes now filled with nothing but heartbreak.
“What? Now you suddenly care?”
“I’ve always cared.”
“Sure you did.” I said turning around only to be turned, facing him again.
“Why are you leaving?” His voice now stern.
“I’m done here, Justin. I’m done with you, I’m done with everything.”
“What? Why? A few incidents and now we’re through?”
“Incidents?! Justin, all this that has been going on has not been incidents! I try talking to you but you always brush me off as if I don’t matter to you anymore!”
“You do matter to me, you’re all that matters!”
“Then why am I feeling like this then?! If I really was 'all that matters’ then I wouldn’t be wanting to leave!”
He was quiet, his eyes looked glass-like, he blinked and tears spilled onto his cheeks. I felt my heart drop to my stomach seeing Justin like this, I’ve never seen him like this. The only time I’ve seen him this way was when Avalanna left him, but other than that, nothing. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me extremely close to his body, close enough to where I could hear his heartbeat.
“Baby, please don’t leave.” He softly whispered. “Please.”
At this point, I was crying rivers. I felt Justin trembling as he cried.
“I-I’m sorry.” He stuttered, “I’m sorry for making you want to leave.” He gripped onto my waist tighter, “I always criticize other guys for not being good boyfriends, and here I am.”
“I’m sorry, please don’t leave.” He interrupted. “I love you with everything I have.”
I can’t leave Justin now, damn, I’m such a wimp. Once guys start crying I feel like I have the need to apologize. “Justin, I won’t leave.” I stated.
He pulled away and looked at me, his eyes red and glossy. “You won’t?”
I shook my head. “No, I’ll stay. Please stop crying.” I said wiping his tears away with the sleeve of my hoodie.
He smiled at me, he pulled me close once again and press his lips against mine.
  -   eh? eh? good? or nah? up and coming R&B singer, Terria Chrishelle’s song. Her voice is unbelievably perfect, she’s extremely beautiful as well. you should really listen to it. i know you guys are waiting, very impatiently, for Comfort Inn part 2. i will get to it. thinking of a part 2 for that is hard. love all of you, stay strong and never surrender mi amores.♡ *Thank you so much, Terria Chrishelle for reblogging my mediocre writing. I have a strong feeling you will go far in life.*