♪ There’s no doubt, that I’m the one to blame. For losing you, for being such a fool. After tonight, until the day I die. As I rest my head on your pillow. I will cry inside, ‘cause I know that I just said good-bye to my true love. To my true love. Good-bye my love ♪


» Chrishell Stubbs as Hermione Granger
» Billy Vandendooren as Draco Malfoy

words flowing like venom
scorn dancing in your cold irises
pride has always been your weakness
the earth is  n o t   w o r t h y .

but I can see right through you
you’re scared, you’re broken
you’re fronting, you’re losing it
you’re a man, yet you are  j u s t   a   b o y .

right there, in front of me
limbs trembling, eyes shut and your mind gone to nowhereland
I know what you’ve done, can see the scarlet dripping from your hands
but who is left to claim to have never  s i n n e d  ?