Yeah, they do. On reddit I saw a request for a shot of all the Batmen from the Batman Beyond Short, so I posted a link to the manip that I made. And they were all like,

“Beware the batman shouldn’t  be there, fucking mongoliod Batmen" 


"remove beware the batman and the batman there and i’m good,”

and then when Toonami reblogged my gif of the first scene of the opening credits of BTB to promote the new timeslot, there were reblogs that: 

“this show is shit no wonder they’re putting it in a shitty timeslot,”

and i’m like, wtf? A lot of the people who made DCAU, like Glen Murakami, Curt Geda, Butch Lukic and ANDREA ROMANO, who fucking cast Kevin Conroy as Batman, WORKED ON BTB. I think BTB IS AWESOME.

AND THE BATMAN IS FUCKING AWESOME WTH. :((( Rino Romano was so awesome as The Batman. :((((

DETHBOLT by Chris Graves

DETHBOLT is a silent comic with loud imagery by Chris Graves. It is a cosmic guitar solo, a personal experiment and a Jack Kirby tribute all materialized in the form of a sixteen page comic. Purchase of this download includes both the .PDF and .CBZ. version of the comic. If you’d like a folder of .