Why is there so much hate within this fandom?

One very important thing that I think many of us forget is that regardless of who you ship, whether you believe in crisscolfer or chillaren, whichever side of the fandom you belong to, we are all people. Real people with real feelings and real value.

The extent of hate spewed in this fandom is scary. Wishing death or harm upon ANYONE for ANYTHING is extremely vile, especially when it has to do with something as small as who you believe a celebrity is dating.

Most of us are fans of Chris and/or Darren because of Glee, a show whose main purpose was to promote acceptance and love. So, it is very concerning to me when we lose sight of the main message of the show we all loved, because of real-person shipping.

I will never treat anyone in this fandom with disrespect. Yes- I believe in crisscolfer full-heartedly and I will continue to do so, but if you don’t, you are no less of a person to me because of it. And I would expect/hope you view me the same. We all have our reasons, and the truth of the matter is- we probably won’t convince each other otherwise. So why not tolerate? Why not love?

So if you’re a chillaren shipper reading this, hello! I hope your day is going wonderfully, and if not, I hope it brightens up soon.

Don’t forget the message of Glee, the reason why we have these opinions in the first place.

Okay, love you all.