Christopher Paul Colfer is probably the strongest person I know. This man is the epitome of strength. He’s been to hell and back. He’s been bullied, attacked and beaten and he still stands strong every single day. He stands up for what he believes in and fights for what is right. And he does it all with that beautiful smile on his face. Never once have I seen a smile that doesn’t light up those gorgeous blue eyes of his. 

He shakes hands and takes pictures with people that don’t believe in him or the life he’s living. They say that it’s wrong and that it should never be legal for one man to marry another, but the next minute, they’re asking Chris for his autograph and to take a picture with him. And Chris handles it with such grace and maturity that most people his age wouldn’t even dream of having.

He’s 21 years old and he’s accomplished so much in these last two years. He’s one of Time Magazines Top 100 most influential people in the WORLD. He wrote and starred in a movie. He’s got a show coming out on Disney. He’s writing a children’s fantasy series of books. That’s not even all of it. Hell, even Jane Lynch says that Chris is one of her heroes. He’s so many people’s hero.

His past is out for everyone to see. He actively talks about it. He does all he can to educate and talk to people about ignorance and bullying and how to prevent it. 

It breaks my heart when he talks, or I read, about what happened in his past. I don’t understand how someone could bully someone so badly that it forced him to be home schooled. I just…I don’t get it. Chris is one of the most compassionate and amazing men on this planet and for someone to attack him everyday, whether it be verbally or physically, it makes me sick. 

And even to this day, there are still people that for some reason hate him. He rarely ever goes out to meet fans and if he does, he has so many body guards with him. He gets daily death threats. And I can’t for the life of me figure out why that is. He’s gay. Who the fuck cares? Who are you to say who is right to love and who isn’t? He’s done so much for the world, opened so many eyes, altered so many ways of thinking, and for people to still hate him because of one tiny little thing they don’t like, it's ludicrous to me.

I know I say all the time that he’s gorgeous and sometimes I objectify him, but it’s all in the most loving way. He is gorgeous. Both inside and out. His mind, his heart, his fucking everything is gorgeous and perfect. And I know people don’t see that and it breaks my heart.

It really, really scares me when I think about where Chris would be today if he never got out of Clovis. But it scares me when I think of all the shit he has to go through daily by being in the public eye. It terrifies me that something could happen to him because of people’s ignorance and lack of acceptance. 

Christopher Paul Colfer is my idol and my inspiration. When he smiles, I smile. When he laughs, I laugh. He is the other shining star in my world. If that star was to ever burn out, I think the world would come to an end. Without the good and joy and happiness he brings to the world, all the bad would just be too much to bear.

He’s…he’s perfect. I wish he could see himself the way that the rest of us see him. I hate that he’s insecure and says he love Kurt more than he loves himself sometimes. That Kurt is braver. No, baby. YOU ARE THE BRAVEST AND STRONGEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. Please, please, please, don’t ever think otherwise.