fic: I've Got Some Presents for Santa, and He's Got a Big One For Me

Pairing: Chris Colfer/Darren Criss

Rating: NC-17

Notes: So I meant to post this before Christmas, honestly I did. But my life has been busy and my brain has been dead, so this is finally going up now. Better late than never, right? This is ~3,000 words of Christmas smut. Enjoy!

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chriscolferiseverything  asked:

Oooohhh, is it Geminico appreciation day?? Well, your art was the reason I "found" tumblr in the first place. I saw your Klaine stuff on deviantart and you have no idea how long I just sat there staring at it because OMG? And THEN I found your tumblr (no I wasn't stalking) and I was like, hey, this is kinda cool and tadaaaaaaa, here I am. So, thank you and your talent I've made a few awesome friends here and had so much fun (we'll forget about the hurt for a moment). Thanks ♥ :)

Wow, that’s awesome! I’m so happy to be a part of that =D I joined Tumblr because someone else was posting my art on here and I thought maybe I should be the one posting my art on here instead X3 I’ve had a blast on Tumblr and I’ve met some AMAZING people~! Thank you so much for your kind words =)

chriscolferiseverything  asked:

Omg, I love you. The answer to anon - SAME!! Thank you for voicing that :) Also - could you link me to that interview of Hoechlin? I don't think I've seen that one..

Thank you, darling!

And the interview I’m talking about is one Hoechlin did for the 2013 MMVAs. He chatted about the Stiles/Derek dynamic and how awesome it is, and then when asked if he could talk about Derek’s love interest, his answer was “I think I just did.” Knowing the passion of the fan base, honestly, if there is absolutely no intentions of making Sterek canon one day, then the cast needs to slow their roll and quit playing games with our hearts. Because you’d think no one ships it harder than they do, and there’s no sense in being mean just for meanness’ sake, is there?

Here’s a link to the Hoechlin interview! Enjoy!

chriscolferiseverything  asked:

Help... Everyone is so happy about Blam and in general and I'm sitting here like crying because wtf? (And no, I didn't like that Against All Odds was sung to Sam...) I miss Klaine. And I'm afraid that we don't get the amount of attention on their reunion (like always) to make up for all the heartbreak... Sigh...

Yeaaaah I’m pretty sure the only people who are content with waiting at this point are the Blaine stans, because who cares if Klaine aren’t back together, as long as there’s BLEE. I had a sinking suspicion that AAO was about Sam, but I thought maybe they’d turn it around in the end to make it Klaine positive, but of course not. Dunno why I thought they might. And no Klaine anything in the next two episodes. They’re not getting back together this season. The last two episodes are going to focus on regionals. Finchel is the most likely to get back together at this point. I’ve been trying to stick it out, but I dunno anymore. I should have stopped watching after Come What May.

I know I’m being a negative nancy about everything right now, but I’m way too emotional for my own good. It’s like Ryan just gave us a Klaine make out and sexy times just to make us happy for one episode, and hey, thanks bro, but Klaine sexing it up isn’t the most important thing to me. Where the hell is the reconciliation? Or atleast a START to one…how about some foundation to build something on? Why haven’t they even talked about what happened at all yet? THAT’S what I’m interested in.

AAO being about Sam was just….I don’t even know anymore….the worst…it made no sense….

I invite anyone to come to my askbox to vent or try to make sense of this mess, but I got one foot out of the fandom at this point =___=;;; Maybe I’m overreacting, but I’m looking forward to absolutely nothing that’s coming up.