The philosophy of a burrito place also selling tacos inspires the very soul of mexican food. However, it is a mexican based restraunt so one must come to the assumption that there would be other things there besides a burrito. For example, Little Caesars sells Crazy Bread.
—  Chris Eng because he starts talking to me again immediately after he breaks up with the crazy beezy that ruined our friendship

So, I was creeping on that facebook friendship page I have with @isabellagacuya…

I almost forgot about this x)

I remember waking up and feeling the need to check my news feed. @chrisaang’s status was something about Disneyland. This was at the top because of all the comments. I don’t know why I decided to look at the conversation.

I was so insanely creeped out that they were able to have an entire conversation about my butt.

engchris asked:

and then i was like AHHH! I forgot to text sophia back!...i'm so tired though... SO here we are!:D

I feel like there are two parts to this… x) This is all that’s in my ask box and it doesn’t really make much sense, best x) SO, I’m assuming that I know what you’re talking about, but yeah… 0_0 CONFUSION.

chrisaang replied to your post: and then i was like AHHH! I forgot to text sophia back!…i’m so tired though… SO here we are!:D

i always see your text but i’m REALLY lazy to text now, so its like eh x) I just wanted to let you know i’m not ignoring you, but i acknowledge your text, but am too lazy to text back x)

Ouch, my feelings :(

loljk, not this particular time x) but you suck. Sometimes it’s important, yknoow! :(

Now I feel like the reason we don’t talk anymore is because you’re too lazy to even care about me anymore -___-